Topic: whats the best theme for the PS4?

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I've tried a few themes but have stuck with the Destiny theme due to the other versions I have becoming annoying (journey/rapture) or badly made (order 1886 airship) what's a neat theme - I don't mind paying either as I need to swap the destiny tune was on a loop earlier today and I couldn't get to the ps4 to switch it off. HELP ME!!!

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I really like the free EU LBP one. It'd be nice if the US Store had it as well.

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The Playstation 20th anniversary theme is all you need. Something about hearing the original PS start up theme just puts a smile on my face.

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I second the Playstation 20th Anniversary theme- its just nice and everything is laid out well with the colour schemes

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I'm quite partial to the Bloodborne Platinum theme myself. Far Cry 4 has some nice ones too though!



The new Entwined one is beautiful along with the Cherry Blossom one - I'm using those and the Pittsburgh Penguins one! I'm in the UK and couldn't believe how many more were available in the US store - so I set up a US account, got some $$ added to the wallet and bought a few.

UK based ones if you don't want to go to that hassle, the "Everyone's gone to the rapture" one is nice, and also the Order 1886 one of London (not the airship) is still available if you do the website thing ( worked in the UK for me a while back.

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Make it three for the PlayStation 20th Anniversary theme.



I think this one is the best:

I'd also say the God of war theme, but the music and menu sound are annoying.
Also - 20th anniversary theme.



WanderingBullet wrote:

@Cron_13: Aren't PS4 themes region locked?

100% no for US ones on my UK console (haven't tried Japanese). The avatars don't work between accounts (US one doesn't appear on EU) but the themes work absolutely fine.

I'm using the Entwined one right now and its awesome. I had to register a US account, then buy the PSN credit on (used a US shipping address, but as its digital it just comes through your email).

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I like the Final Fantasy XIV, Destiny, and Journey themes myself. Hoping the Fallout 4 one becomes available publicly in the future - got some spare change in my PSN wallet that I'd happily use if it's good enough.




ShogunRok wrote:

Hoping the Fallout 4 one becomes available publicly in the future - got some spare change in my PSN wallet that I'd happily use if it's good enough.

If you are talking about the one you got for pre-ordering the digital version it's not that great.

The Journey one that plays the games music is outstanding. I'm also a fan of the Geralt and Ciri Witcher 3 one.

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FFX, Until Dawn and Warframe themes are my favourite right now.

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@Cron_13: Ah, I seeā€¦ That's odd, I thought they were locked since I couldn't use the EU themes on my US account.

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I like Sony's Paper Sculpture and PlayStation Heroes Koi Pond themes the most, but the Spiral theme from Sony is pretty good too. I just wish Sony would up date the themes so the new calendar icon matches the other icons.



I like The Last of Us dynamic theme and also the 20th annavesary theme


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I always find myself reverting to the Playstaion 20th Anniversary theme. Simple, nice to look at and hell it's the 20th Anniversary so why not lol

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I like the 20th Anniv. theme and I like the Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty theme.

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Using the Luke Skywalker free one with my Battlefront order. Its alright, the constant fizzing of the lightsaber is oddly comforting,, Other than that, the freebie Oddworld one is cool

Have to say though, I can never understand why some of the themes are bright white.. Horrendous on the eyes, its got to be said..

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