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Yonder the Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Top 8 Konami's Rhythm games:
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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After beating Dark Souls on the Switch (I am so damn proud of that!) I am currently playing Dark Souls II on the PS4. It is awesome!

I've beaten only 3 bosses for now but I am getting the hang of it I love it!!!


Blimey, £1 for Titanfall 2 is probably the greatest bargain of the week!
Though if new to the system you can probably pick up a bunch of stuff you've not played on the cheapo as the PS4 generation is now starting to wind down.
also, welcome to the forums.

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@silverspeed Welcome! And Yeah, Titanfall 2 is an under appreciated gem. I don’t even like FPS but I found some enjoyment out of it.

If you’re new to PlayStation then you might consider subscribing to PS+ Extra. For $100 a year you’ll have access to a gargantuan number of titles, both exclusive and multiplatform. But even if you get them a la carte, there’s much to play on PS4. Besides strategy games and FPS, what kind of games do you like?

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@silverspeed good to have you buddy. Those are just the games I’ve been bothered to add in all honesty mate… probably have quite a bit more. My backlog (as is that of most people on here) is totally out of control 😅

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@sorteddan To be fair, I didn't know for sure what I am buying. But for £1 the cover looked so cool, I looked up a video of gameplay and bang… I took it as quickly as someone saw an accidentally cleared item in a Computer Store.

I have a break because I struggle to kill Ash. It's too quick, and I am not really sure yet about all the weapons advantages. Okay, it's not a quick play game, but it is for me as I played a lot of strategy games where I can pause time anytime and think of my moves

So now I paid introduction price for EA play for a month and checking the games there. It has some good games, what I wanted to play years ago. But surely I won't pay more because I want to finish titanfall first.

You are right. I feel like a child in a new toy store. Many games are new to my eyes and many of them look great. Looked up the PS store, and I am surprised how many games are like Commodore 64 time games(I mean the look). Don't take me wrong, I guess some really fun, but it's like me as a sprinter wants to jog around the track on a race. Never going to happen…



@Th3solution I consider PS+ extra later of the year. It would be too many games right now.

I played mainly these games on PC, I barely gave a chance to anything else.
I grew up on the generation of Starcraft, Warcraft series, Counter strike, NFS underground, Mafia line.

I am sure I can adjust my taste after all on PS

Just a note. I can see titanfall and other PS games on Steam, I like this new way of thinking… I definitely tell to my PC friends about those games



I was fed up with all my ongoing games that I decided to start up a title that's been sitting in my backlog for years now and that's Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades Edition. All the hype surrounding Elden Ring has encouraged me to play another Souls title. The last one I played was Bloodborne, which was 5-6 years ago now. Ever since then I haven't played a Souls game. Not to mention that I played through Dark Souls and Bloodborne by grinding a lot instead of getting better at the games. So I'm excited now to play Dark Souls III without grinding.

I managed to beat the first boss and it was absolutely thrilling. The game is so simple yet challenging, which I really like.

This is the reason why I love exploring genres out of my comfort zone because there are so many highly-regarded games that I haven't played because I haven't had an interest in the genre. That's been the case with JRPGs, horror and so on. So I'm really hoping that I start to enjoy Souls-like games so that I can play other great games in the genre, like Elden Ring and NiOh to name a few.



@LtSarge Fed up with everything you'd been playing? Maybe you just kept picking wrong.

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@KilloWertz Nah I've just been playing these games for months now that I needed something new and different. That's the disadvantage of playing two long games concurrently (Persona 3 Portable and Immortals Fenyx Rising). I'm getting closer to the end of both of those titles but it's still relatively far away.



@LtSarge That is one reason why I like to try to play one game at a time. I get the appeal of playing two games at a time to try to keep from burning out on a game by only playing that, but I've tried multiple games at once and it usually doesn't work out that well for me. I should be playing and finishing one game, but I get the urge to play the other and then one gets left behind for a while.

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Tried both the Valkyrie Elysium & Star Ocean: The Divine Force demos last night.

Valkyrie Elysium was... ok.

Though it was honestly getting a bit boring by an hour in.

I ended up not finishing the demo (I didn't finish either in fact) and called it a day when I got to the castle proper and had to open a door via breaking some chains.

It looked better then Star Ocean overall and seemed to run better too from what I could tell (though nowhere near as ambitious as Star Ocean) with smaller, & sparser, enviroments and some bland enemy designs (for the most part).

If you told me it was a remaster of a PS2 title I'd believe you.

Voice acting (what little there was) was a bit eh too. Valkyire wasn't bad (though she needed more lines to say in battle) whilst Odin just sounded rather bored.

Combat was fine.

... Yeah that's about it.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force did not make a great first impression.

The first thing I noticed was some truly awful ghosting effect from when I was moving the camera around.

The frame rate was rather jerky too from what I could tell when moving the camera too on the frame rate mode (And I typically only notice frame rate only when it's super low). The image quality mode didn't look ANY different on PS4.

The character models are a bit weird too. Very similar to what little of Star Ocean IV's I've seen with that almost doll like quality to them. Really should've gone cel shaded or something in my opinion rather then the more "realistic"(?) anime take.

Enviroments are rather big but it does look rather... Eh. Especially on PS4 with some awful textures.

Plays nothing like Star Ocean 3 or 4 in battles either with attacks tied to the Square, Circle and Triangle buttons. The ap gauge is REALLY small to start off with and does make battle feel very stop and start with what little you can do before you can extend your ap.

Battles do feel really quick though. Kinda reminded me of YS VIII from how snappy the pace is.

D.U.M.A makes the combat, traversal... The whole demo a lot more interesting.

Voice acting was solid enough. I especially liked Laeticia whom was rather cordial to Ray, the space man from beyond the stars, whom she's only just met and doesn't have the stuffiness you might typically expect from being a princess (that's more of her royal escort).

The set up is somewhat similar to 3 with Ray being from a much more civilised society who ends up stranded on a underdeveloped medieval like era planet.

I'm not sure how much of a difference getting to choose your character does though if you can then switch to the other party member's in game... But you can't really tell from a demo where you can only chose to start as Ray either.

Won me over by the time I'd got to the inn in the village where I decided to drop it. Not something I'd wanna play on PS4 though...

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@KilloWertz I was playing one game at a time earlier this year but yeah, you start to lose interest when you play the same game for too long and it's not that captivating to play. Sadly, Persona 3 Portable hasn't impressed me at all and it's a game that I'd rather play when I want to relax in bed instead of having it as my main game. So that's why I added Immortals into the mix to switch things up. But Immortals isn't that captivating to play either now due to its repetitive nature, lol. I need to take breaks from these games from time to time if I want to continue enjoying them.

It doesn't help either that we're nearing the Holiday season and so many promising games are nearing release, like Trails from Zero, Pokémon Violet, God of War Ragnarok, Gotham Knights and so on. I'm going to have a hard time finishing anything at this rate.

@HallowMoonshadow Thanks for sharing your impressions. I have a slight interest in both of these games but I don't know much about them. The fact that Valkyrie Elysium seems to look and run better on PS4 compared to Star Ocean is useful to know for me since Valkyrie is PS exclusive while Star Ocean is also on Series X. That means I can get Valkyrie on PS4 and Star Ocean on Series X instead of buying both on PS4.



@HallowMoonshadow star ocean doesn't run much better on the ps5 tbf. I played the demo there and while it probably is better than on the ps4, the character models are so ps3 generation and the environment is okish on the the ps5 as well. You can clearly see that the game didn't get that much of a budget to make and I think the strongest part has to be its gameplay.

I'm still on the fence about it, the demo doesnt completely steer me away from it but it's also not a day 1 purchase atm. If the reviews for the entire game are good and they manage to fix the horribly small letters in menu and subs I might get it day 1

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I started not 1 but 2 new games this weekend. After finishing last stop I started Atelier Ryza: Ever darkness and the secret hideout (some of these Japanese games have very long titles lol). I never played an Atelier game before but it seems to he extremely relaxing. From what I've hear Ryza is the most popular one and the easiest one. So curious how it is.

The other game I started is the complete opposite Saints row 4. Played it a bit years back on pc but remember loving the wackiness of it. So when I feel like some more over the top action I'll play this instead of Ryza. I absolutely loved sr3, which I played 3 times already lol, so hope I will enjoy this jsut as much

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...aaaaaaaand I'm playing Bloodborne again.

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