Topic: Is there a IP ban on PS4?

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Is there a IP ban on PS4? I heard Microsoft ip ban xbox. what about ps4?
If ps4 got console/ip banned what is the solution?

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IF Microsoft have imposed an IP ban on someone, its because they are in serious breach of the Terms and Conditions of using Xbox Live. If Sony were to do that, which they very well could do and would be well within their rights, it would be again for a serious breach of the terms and conditions of using the PSN. IF you were to get banned, then you either deserve it or if erroneously then you would have to contact the customer department and plead your case.

These companies do not ban people without 'good' reason and must have some 'evidence' that proves a breach of the terms of 'contract'. If you are 'worried' this could happen to you, I suggest you read those terms and conditions that you 'agreed' to whether you read them or not when you agreed, and make sure you do not do anything that contravenes that 'breach'. Its done to stop those that seriously breach those terms just creating a 'new' account and bypassing the ban that way.

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This is not a discuss to have here, if you are worried I suggest contacting Sony.

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