Topic: Does Anyone Really Care About VR?

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I don't. I'm wondering if anyone really does, too. It's just so expensive, so overblown and so un-fun. It might be impressive for a bit, but it's not exactly something to keep you social, and multi-player would be weird as.

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At the moment I have NO interest in VR but that could change as soon as developers offer something that doesn't feel like a tacked on bonus or a very scaled back version of Non-VR games. Even Batman VR seems like a demo, a tacked on experience etc just licensed to sell VR - look at a crime seen in full 3D, teleport around to get different angles - woohoo! That truck driving on rails game looked awful - if any of these released as 'non-VR' games - maybe they wouldn't work quite as well but as a game you would be very very critical and wouldn't buy them at indie price - let alone full AAA price - Rigs included!

Maybe in a year or two, we will get full, quality game experiences running in VR - ones that would actually challenge and compare with non VR games rather than 'demo's' or at best 'indie' style games (Rigs in fairness probably would compare to Rocket League after watching their live stream of it - but I bet they end up charging Horizon:ZD, Titanfall 2 type money with a fraction of the content). Everyone going mad over Star-trek - sit there in a virtual bridge and press a few buttons IF you are needed too - again WOOHOO!!!

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to be honest i'm intrigued by VR but it's just so expensive, it will NEVER get mainstream while it still costs as much as a console does

it took me from the day the PS4 was announced till the month after it was launched to save up for one (and selling my 360 and some of my PS3 games)

now i can see it could give unique games and experiences but i don't think that the tech is quite there yet to give us FULL immersive gaming with huge open worlds, you know Virtual Reality

also i never liked the idea of being completely cut off from the world around me, i just never felt safe when i played my mates Vive

who knows maybe it's just me but i don't think we are quite ready for VR just yet

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