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I need some help and advice regarding data transfer from two PS4's concerning my current situation...

So my old standard PS4 has basically died and will not switch on whatsoever (took it to a repair shop only to find that there is no way of fixing it), and I've already treated myself to a PS4 Pro. Only problem is that I can't transfer data from my dead PS4 to my PS4 Pro via the internet since I'm unable to switch on my dead PS4. Now, thankfully for me I'm able to access my game data from the cloud thanks to my PS Plus Subscription. However, my unfortunate brother doesn't have PS Plus and has no way of accessing his game data. (Seriously Sony, WHY THE HELL DO YOU NEED PS PLUS IN ORDER TO ENSURE CONVENIENT ACCESS TO YOUR PRECIOUS GAME DATA!?!?)

...So that's why I'm asking if there are any methods of data transfer which may, oh I don't know, involve taking out the hard drive from my dead PS4 and maybe connecting it to my PS4 Pro via USB? If anyone has any helpful insight to offer regarding this situation then I will greatly appreciate it. Also, thank you for taking the time to read this.



@Gavwav You could connect the old drive to the new PS4 via a caddy but you need to format the hard drive for it to be recognised by the PS4, so it will be wiped.

Upshot is if the PS4 is dead beyond repair, and is not backed up to the cloud, you won't get the save data back unfortunately.

Just pretend the hard drive was wiped when the rest of the system broke. Easiest way to get over it and move on lol.

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@Gavwav Dang, that sucks man. I have no clear fix for it but I am surprised that they say it is completely irreparable. That doesn’t seem right that they can’t find a fix for it. Maybe try another repair shop, or Sony directly, if it is worth the time and money for all that.
If it’s any consolation, I had a similar thing happen last gen with my PS3 (YLOD) and it was pretty stressful. I was desperate and was finally able to bring it back from the dead by home cooking the mother board with a blow dryer, which fixed it long enough to salvage save data until it died again. But your problem sounds like something different if it won’t even turn on. Sorry to your bro; thank goodness for cloud saves.

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@Gavwav Did they tell you why they couldn't fix it? Was the motherboard/power supply fried? Was it HDD related? The HDD might be trashed anyway. Sorry to hear about this... never fun.

If your brother had his account under your PS4, his data might be out there too.


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@starhops It was more of a graphics-related problem at first. Basically, it started off with the home menu on the PS4 being all "pixely"and then later escalated to automatically switching on and off every 20 seconds or so. The repairer had tried re-installing the system software a few times with no success. He then tried replacing every component that is graphics-related (i.e. the HDMI Port, HDMI IC Chip, Graphics Card) with no success either. The only option he was left with was replacing the motherboard which is pretty much the equivalent of buying a new PS4 Anyway. Therefore I didn't think it was really worth having the motherboard replaced and I can only afford so much after all.

My brother had his own independent account, so his data was not under my account unfortunately. But hey. At least it's not a heavy loss as my brother didn't have that many games anyway, and he's not to upset about it either thankfully.



I know this is an old post but can I ask a question on here. I'm trying to transfer game save data from one PS4 to another. I've got the usb stick and I have the same account logged on. I transferred the data onto the usb and checked on the same PS4 that the data was there. I went to the other PS4 and it said that there was no save data, why is this?
I don't have PS4 plus and just want to just want to carry on playing my game on a different PS4. Why is this so hard??


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