Topic: What are the PS3 games that let you create music tracks?

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I'm trying to remember an old game i had on PS3 that allowed you to build songs using preset loops and samples and for the life of me cannot. From what i remember:

-there was an enthusiastic male announcer,
-bright neon colors,
-a title using tradtional real words like 'BEAT MASTER' or 'DJ PRO EXPERIENCE' as opposed to portmanteaus or made up words.
-it gave you a grid like most legitimate music editing software where each instrument or loop was a different neon color.
-you could export songs
-it isnt any AAA title or easily named game like guitar hero.
-theres no puzzle, story, scoring, or dance elements.
-as far as as i remember, there were no preset songs either.

Please help! i've tried using several sites that compile every PS3 game, searching by 'music' 'rhythm' and even 'dance' even though there is no dancing. I've tried various google terms, trying to remember my old PS3-PSN login, looking at the PS4s store, and even checking steam as some other old gold indie games such as Godmode were ported there as well.



@redsaturnblack Random attempt to help... was it PixelJunk 4am, by any chance?

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@redsaturnblack hi mate. The only real digital audio workstations have been music and music 2000 by codemasters. These were both fantastic, however they were PS1 games.

Are you thinking about the Dance ejay series on PC and getting confused by any chance?

Anyhow if you are looking for a good sound producing tool. Dreams is one of the best on the market and is on PS4;

Here's one of my tracks in a game, skip to 5:50 on the video - Macforaday made the game;

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@themcnoisy I had one of the music (possibly 2000?) games on game boy advance, I think I thought it was amazing at the time, it even came with (I think) my name is by Eminem in the game ready made by the devs. I even bought some weird flap up cardboard speaker/hand grip to play it with. The unit was plastic but the speaker had this card board over it. Anyway just a random memory that I thought I'd share lol

Edit: oh no it was called pocket music actually!

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Sounds a little bit like Beatmania but I think that was on PS2.



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