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Hi. Bit random this, but I recently purchased the PSone Classic Klonoa: Door to Phantomile from the UK/EU PS Store on my PS3.

It is one of the PSone Classics that is a USA/NTSC version of the game instead of the inferior PAL version.

Which would be great, except this particular game is playing at 50Hz, despite it being the US rom of the game. This means it is basically playing in slow motion! The music is really slow and low pitched and it sounds ridiculous.

I know it’s definitely the US rom of the game as the PlayStation startup screen states America when it first loads up. And I know it’s playing at 50Hz because my TV shows it is receiving a 50Hz signal from the PS3.

I have other USA/NTSC PSone Classics on my PS3 (e.g. Tomba! and Tomba! 2) and they play fine at 60Hz, so it appears to be this specific game with the issue.

I’ve contacted Playstation support and have been going back and forth with them for over two weeks now but they just don’t have a clue. I even sent them a video of the problem, but they just responded saying it’s the PAL version on the EU Store!

So, bit of a long shot, but is there anybody in the UK or Europe that has this game downloaded from the EU PS Store on their PS3 that can test it to see if they have the same issue I have please?

I’m curious to see if this issue with the rom has always been present since the game first went up on the store and it’s never been noticed.



@GravyThief I’ve seen this with people years ago, it’s artificially being slowed to 50 Hz for god knows whatever reason. I can only recommend keeping at Sony but I’m afraid they probably won’t help.

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@nessisonett thanks for replying. I wasn’t sure if it had been picked up before as I couldn’t find anything from Googling and wondered if it was my PS3. Good to know it isn’t, although not so good Sony haven’t done anything about it!

Yeah I’ll keep at them. I’ve basically told them to either fix the game file on their store or give me a refund as it’s faulty. No idea if they will. I may join Twitter for the sole reason to hound them on there too, I’ll even link in Namco to make sure thy sure aware of it, not that I expect any of this will help!

Such a shame as Klonoa is a true gem from the PS1, and anyone who has only played it from the EU PS Store probably wonders what all the fuss is about.



@kyleforrester87 I wonder if the file for the Vita doesn’t have the issue? I do have a PSP and a VITA so I’ll see if I’m able to download it on those and if it plays too slow or not.

Just as a general update for anyone who cares, PlayStation have come back to me after looking into this and have basically said they are unable to update the game file and offered me a refund, so at least I get my money back.

They did ask if I’m able to change my TV from 50Hz to 60Hz. No TV has that option that I’m aware of, it would need specific hardware to perform such a task wouldn’t it? The speed the TV outputs is dictated by the signal it receives.

Anyway, case closed!



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