Topic: ps3 superslim with no usb ports working

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I got a ps3 that is working fine,goes on and goes to xmb, the problem is there are no controllers that is paired with it hence the cable to link it to the system via usb.Now here is the bad part and the reason i posted ,alas usb ports dont work and i mean nothing no 5v and no data.

Is this essentially a brick( something i can use to keep my snailmail down when the wind of defeat come through that door.
Its 2023 is there nothing i can do .The ps3 is jailbroken with you gonna laugh at me but is there any type of software i can burn to do something with bluetooth to pair a controller.
IF non exist then what could be the problem..can it be a fuse that blew on the board or is it a ic thats gone.Also where are the usb fuses on the superslim motherboard.I did check all the forums and the pictures do not really show much.
Thank you for reading about my brick.HOpe someone can help me pair a controller.

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