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Suddenly some of my PS3 games disappeared. Kings Quest and Monkey Island.

I entered the PS store and tried to download them again but the system said that they were already installed. I installed them again anyway but still didn't find them.

What happened? Where are they?

Thanks for help.



@Krille There might be a connection to this news story which suggests that Sony are having general issues with its older PS Store systems. Your best bet (which isn't ideal, alas) would be to contact Sony's customer support and report your specific problem. They might have an answer for you.

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@RogerRoger thanks for reply. I found the games under the Far Cry game folder. Don't know why they were placed there.



Just want to add this as a PSA.

If you're after any games you have bought or claimed with PS Plus in the past, you can also kick off the download by doing the following:
Playstation Network > Account Management > Transaction Management > Download List

However, all the downloads are sorted newest to oldest unfortunately, so it can be pretty brute to track down specific items.


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