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So I brought an old PS3 a couple months ago, CECHC03

Basically the model that can play ps2 and ps1 games

Had absolutely no trouble with it for ages, until one day I was playing GTA IV on disc and the whole thing just froze... Nothing responded so I unplugged it

When it come back on it wouldn't read any discs at all, CD's, dvds games nothing!

So I brought a new disc drive fitted it and, exsctly the same problem... Doesn't read anything, I took the new drive apart and actually watched it, it takes the disc in spins up like normal, I even get the disc spinning icon in the top right corner of my ps3 but then nothing, can't see the drive being the problem as it seems to function normally

But the rest of the system runs fine so I'm baffled

Here's a video of what it's doing

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