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Hello. I have a ps3 that I only play games on nothing else. I have recently bought gran turismo 6 and it says I need 20mb more to download it. I’ve cleared everything off system and it still says I only have 9100mb / 12gb, but I don’t know how this can be as there is nothing in the system at all. I’ve restored the system and done everything I can find including game data etc etc etc. I have backed up data onto a flash drive, but still no joy. Please help me.



Many thanks, but yes that really sucks. I guess I’ll have to look into how to install a new hard drive into the ps3 if you can even get them anymore?!!!?



@Frazer27972 Any 2.5 inch SATA HDD would be OK, even the default PS4 hard disk. I bet there are many PS4 owners selling them for €25.

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late reply i know
but any 2.5 inch sata hard drive will do
however you do need to buy a ps3 super slim mounting bracket to preven the hard drive from flopping around in there and to ensure it makes solid contact

i have a 500 gig hard drive in mine



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