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What existing games do you want to be made into PSVR? I think it could be a great way to bring some life into already great games.
For me, I’d like to see COD2 and COD4 campaigns. They’re both really good and would be awesome to use PS Aim with.
Red Steel 2 is another one I’d love to see. It’s a first-person sword fighting game that’s mix of Samurai and westerns. Movement might be a little hard, but it’s got swordplay that requires force and gets rid of waggle completely . If you try to do a weak swing it doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s got guns too and has a cel-shaded artstyle that would work great with VR.
Time Crisis. I’ve played a bit of this on the real arcade, and this would be great for PS Aim and work well with a regular PS Move controller. It would be an easy remake and good fit for PSVR.



I Would Say the Thief And Dishonored games as well as a remake of Resident Evil Survivor and Resident Evil Dead Aim would be great for VR

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I’d love a VR version of Resident Evil 2 myself.

The PSVR is the best VR system on the market today.


Command and Conquer red alert.

I like the idea of having a battlefield sized view of everything going on.

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@themcnoisy Red Alert 3 😉 my wife would be wondering what I'm doing if she turned it over during the wrong cutscene. It would be cool in VR.

I'd love to see old arcade classics like House of the Dead using the aim controller, or Panzer Dragoon first person. Basically many Sega classics

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@carlos82 Space Harrier! Let the seizures commence!

@Shellcore A mate still has the controller for that. Great experience!

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Seen as they did Skyrim surely fallout has to be made in VR



I would like every game with a VR version like Resident Evil 7 where it could be played on t.v. or vr.



I’d love a VR version of Persona 5. Any JRPG really.

The PSVR is the best VR system on the market today.


Minecraft c'mon Sony. Plz



BioShock would be top of my wishlist.
Maybe for PSVR2

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Earth Defense Force 5
Serious Sam Trilogy
Ace Combat 7's campaign.
A game like Heavy Rain, but probably not Heavy Rain itself?

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honestly driving sims, as strange as it may sound to say i would love a Train Driving VR game, or a Truck Driving one

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Oh, and I think Hello Neighbor would be great for VR



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