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I have done literally everything in my power to increase my speeds to the PS4 console. I’ve found that my download speed is great 140+, but my upload speed is an abysmal 2.3 - 5? I tried rebooting the router, the cable modem, tweaking a bunch of settings that all the PlayStation forums mentioned, but nothing has helped. I also checked with Comcast to ensure there were no issues or outages in my area, and of course, everything was fine. They even came out to replace all the wiring in my house and showed me my speeds both download and upload on not only their speed test site but also on 4 others. My average download speed on my pc on average is 140 and my upload speeds averaged around 30. Then I contacted support for my Nighthawk router to port forward all the ones listed on the PlayStation support pages and all the ones listed on the port forward website. I spent hours putting all of this together including setting up a static ip address like PlayStation told me to do. The outcome was just a bunch of hours wasted for the same results? What? That is correct, "After all of that time and effort doing exactly what PlayStation support told me to do there were NO CHANGES!" To test this I also did this for my Xbox One X and it got way better connections for both upload and download that almost matched to my pc! Is anyone else having this issue? It is almost like PlayStation has a cap and is not telling people. The highest upload speed I have ever achieved on PS4 Pro was a mere 6.8 after everything I just mentioned. This is truly frustrating and ridiculous. I should not have had to go through soo much trouble just to get no results! Why does PlayStation Network suck soo badly and why is PlayStation not addressing the issue? Instead they tried to blame it on my internet provider. I literally even had Geek Squad come out to verify my router settings were squared away and I even had them email me the verification along with the tech from comcast who also did the same. I sent PlayStation all my settings along with my speeds from them versus my Xbox and pc. I do not know what else to do and they are not responding back to me and I refuse to play on such a high dollar console for dial up speeds that is ludacris on all levels!



Is it actually impacting on gameplay?

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@xxxMALICIOUS "I refuse to play on such a high dollar console for dial up speeds that is ludacris on all levels!"

Well.then, it sounds to me like you have solved your problem then.

Seroulsy though none of us are Sony engineers so they answer could be anything. That's just how it is sadly and if you can't handle or deal with it then I guess the PS just isn't the console for you.

It be like me saying well why do X restaurant burgers taste better then Y's? Or why can I get a faster top speed out of a Chevy engine then a Ford.

If you ran all those tests and fiddled around with it and you still aren't satisfied then just move on.

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have you tried a different router?

i had a similar issue with my XB1 and i found out that my router was the issue, something about the signals interfering with each other so i got a new one and it was fine afterwards

i'm not a wireless expert you see

also you never said if you tried connecting the PS4 to the router via an ethernet cable and tried it that way instead of wirelessly so try that if you can and see if that helps

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Ethernet cables always get the best speeds. Hook it up with a hardline.

Otherwise, I'm real sorry to say that this is a First World Problem of the highest order. Whenever my PS4 Pro is taking a while to upload or download anything, I go and make a cup of tea. You won't get better advice than that, especially today.

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how are you determining the upload speed on the PS4?. if you're looking at the connection test in the system settings, it is not terribly reliable when it comes to speeds.



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