Topic: PS4 overheating after applying new thermal paste

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For some years now my PS4 has been sounding like a fighter jet when ever I play on it. So I finally decided to open it up and clean it. So I opened it up, cleaned everything, replaced the fan and thermal paste. Now everything turns on but whenever I try to play a game my PS4 starts to overheat and the fan starts speeding up a lot. Any solutions on a fix or where I went wrong??

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I think by opening the console up like that the warranty seal would be broken, so if it is still under warranty it would be null and void now.

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@ChildishJJ01 did you clean everything up properly before putting the new paste on? You don’t want to use a lot but need to have good, firm contact. I assume you checked out a video or something giving you some instructions? Sounds like you’ve probably done it before on PCs so I you probably know the drill

I guess just having another go in the first instance is probably the best bet? I don’t really know how the heat sink is physically secured over the cpu on the PS4 to be honest.

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