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I made an extra PSN account a few years ago with the name that I wanted in hopes that one day we would be able to change our names. Now that we finally can. I went on that extra account earlier and changed it to something else. So I could use the name I want on my main account but once I tried to change it. It said the ID was unavailable. I know it's because they give you a chance to change your name back to the original in case things go wrong but I was wondering if I changed the name on the extra account a second time (Pay 10 bucks) Would that make the first name change the original? Meaning it would free up the name I want?

And would contacting Sony and having them permanently deleting the account free up the name?




@MasterYoshi My understanding of the name change policy is that the original name is going to always be available to go back to, so changing it a second time will not help your cause, I don’t think. I’m not sure though. I do think it’s a possibility that if you contact Sony to fully delete the account then maybe the name will become available. That is a more likely solution to your problem. It would also save you $10. So my advice (for what it’s worth) is to try that route and contact Sony.

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