• News Rejoice, Shenmue III Is Getting a Physical Edition on PS4

    Kickstarter campaign still going strong

    Last month, developer Yu Suzuki stated that he'd like to get Shenmue III onto physical PlayStation 4 discs, and thanks to the game's super successful Kickstarter campaign, it looks like that dream's going to become a reality. You'll get a retail edition of the release if you pledge $60 to the project, and...

  • News Ryo Hazuki's Original Voice Actor Is Back For Shenmue III

    Take me to Lan-Di

    Fans will know that the Shenmue games had some pretty questionable voice acting - especially looking back at them now - but we doubt that you lot would want it any other way. As such, the Kickstarter funded third title in the series will see the return of protagonist Ryo Hazuki's voice actor, Corey Marshall. "Corey is as excited...