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Re: December 2017 NPD: Call of Duty: WWII Conquers $3.29 Billion Month


@Derpie1 The thing you’ve got to take into account, though, is that a lot of people heading out to buy RDR2 etc will very likely already own a PS4 (or Xbox) so I’m not sure software is going to push hardware quite like it has in the past.

That said, I was sat here this time last year saying there’s no way PS4 would be up YoY in 2017 and was completely wrong.

Re: Japanese Sales Charts: Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Fights Its Way to Number 1 on PS4


I liked the Dissidia games on PSP and I think I will buy the new one, but because I want Monster Hunter more I think I'll wait until it's on sale.

I guess the numbers are a bit disappointing, but this one has also been in arcades for ages and doesn't really come with the "novelty" of its predecessors. I also feel like Final Fantasy's popularity has declined a little bit in recent years, but maybe that's unfair.

Re: Jim Ryan Promoted to Deputy President of Sony Interactive Entertainment


When you consider that ol’ Jim has been in charge of Sony Europe (where PS4 is most popular) and head of marketing (when PS4 has had record years) it makes sense that he’d get promoted.

He’s a veteran at the company and knows the business back-to-front.

Maybe he said something silly that forum posters didn’t like, but he’s clearly ridiculously good at his job.