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  • News Sony Tosses Curious Hadouken Cabs PS4 Teaser Trailer Online

    Oh my car

    We make it a rule to be sceptical when it comes to so-called scoops from commercial email addresses, but we reckon that Sony may be up to something with this ‘Hadouken Cabs’ teaser trailer. Overnight, we were contacted by a strange Gmail account, which encouraged us to not just call a cab, but to call a Hadouken Cab. “ knocking out...



  • News Worlds Collide in Mysterious PlayStation Promotion

    Here we go again

    You step out of the office for five seconds and Sony starts teasing cataclysmic events. The company has deployed the embedded image on its various social network channels, hinting at an impending planetary collision. But what does it mean? We legitimately don’t know, but we do have a couple of theories. The image appears to...


  • News Media Molecule Teases Next Project with Top of the Pops

    It's a mystery

    The online sleuths have certainly been slipping. Media Molecule's website has included a teaser page hinting at its next project for over six months now, but it's only just been discovered. The mysterious entry certainly isn’t hard to find. If you mosey your way over to the developer’s ‘Games’ page, you’ll spot a rather...


  • News Dead Space 3 Teaser Trailer Lands

    Deep impact

    EA's Dead Space 3 is in the works, and this teaser trailer wants to set the scene. While there's no gameplay footage, the video fills you in on events from the end of Dead Space 2. If you haven't followed the series so far, all you need to know is it's about aliens and lots and lots of gore. Check it out below and expect to see much...

  • News Use the Konami Code for a Metal Gear Teaser

    You know how it goes

    We'd almost forgotten about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, but we'll never forget the Konami Code. Combine the two and you have a small morsel of a pre-E3 teaser video. Head to the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance site, type out the Konami Code in the command box and press enter to unlock a video of the demo's title screen. We...


  • News Just Add Water Teases Oddworld: Hand of Odd

    Flinch if you're English

    We can’t be certain, but we don’t think Just Add Water’s latest project Oddworld: Hand of Odd has anything to do with Diego Maradona’s famous goal against England in the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals. Instead, it sounds like a brand new entry in the recently rejuvenated Oddworld series. There’s not much to go on...

  • News Sony Teases Mysterious April Reveal

    Cryptic clues

    The official PlayStation Facebook page is asking the cryptic question: “Will vengeance bring redemption?” We’ve no idea – but it looks like we’ll find out on 19th April. Sony’s staying tight lipped about the mysterious tease which appeared this morning – but we’d bet the bank on it being an announcement for the heavily...


  • News Mysterious Namco Teaser Points Towards PlayStation

    Famous face buttons

    Earlier in the week, Namco Bandai released a mysterious Japanese teaser website hinting at a brand new “action adventure” title. That website has now updated with images of the PlayStation’s face buttons, hinting at some form of exclusivity. It’s unclear what the game is or which PlayStation platform it is for, but...

  • News Sony and Kadokawa Tease Discovery Project for Vita

    But what is it?

    Out of all the titles revealed at Sony’s Japanese Vita Game Heaven promotion, Kadokawa’s Discovery Project was probably the most ambiguous. The trailer flashes up buzz words such as “User Generated Content” but fails to really elaborate on anything. It seems like animation houses Robot and Ufotable are on board though. See if...


  • News Atlus Teaser Hints At Global Persona Fighter Release

    Mystery solved

    When Atlus sent an image of a black rectangle out to its “Faithful” mailing list last night, many assumed the publisher had made a mistake. But Destructoid wasn’t having any of it, and after fiddling with the image’s black levels, uncovered the even more mysterious message “Stay Tuned”. Readers then pointed out that the...