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  • News Don't Try These Spider-Man PS4 Stunts at Home

    We're dizzy just watching

    Spider-Man is an extremely acrobatic character, and the new game from Insomniac shows the character in all of his athletic glory. But can the superhero's moves be recreated by a mere mortal? This YouTuber seems to have nailed several of the stunts – although you may want to exercise caution before recreating them at home...

  • News The Iron Spider Suit from Avengers: Infinity War Confirmed for Spider-Man PS4


    A short while back, you may remember that the Iron Spider costume from the Marvel Cinematic Universe was leaked for Spider-Man on PS4 before the trailer was quickly pulled. Now, the video is back up again, right around Avengers: Infinity War's theatrical release. If you pre-order Insomniac's PS4 exclusive, you'll gain early access to the...

  • News Spider-Man's Suit Has Both Form and Function in PS4 Exclusive

    Insomniac explains suit's design

    Not everyone is a fan of the white spider adorning the suit seen in Insomniac's Spider-Man, but the developer has promised there's a narrative reason behind it. In terms of the design of the suit, Game Informer's new video interview with Art Director Jacinda Chew goes into detail about why it looks the way it looks...

  • News Mary Jane Watson Will 'Surprise a Lot of People' in Spider-Man on PS4

    New details on central characters

    Despite a bunch of information coming out of Insomniac regarding Spider-Man lately, it still feels like the developer is keeping some details close to its chest. For example, we know that you'll be spending some of the game playing as Mary Jane, but quite how her missions will play is yet to be revealed. Still,...

  • News Spider-Man PS4 to Receive Prequel Novel and Art Book


    Insomniac's highly anticipated Spider-Man PS4 exclusive feels like it's a long way off. The title recently received a release date of 7th September, leaving Spidey fans with a lot of time to twiddle their thumbs. Fortunately, publisher Titan Books has teamed up with Marvel and Insomniac to produce a novel that depicts the events leading...

  • News Avengers: Infinity War's Iron Spider Suit Joins Spider-Man PS4

    Heavy metal

    A leaked video pulled from PlayStation’s official YouTube channel but mirrored in the nick of time has revealed that the Iron Spider Suit from Avengers: Infinity War will feature in Insomniac Games’ forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Spider-Man. To be clear, this is the movie design, and not the Iron Spider Armour that some of you...

  • News Spider-Man's Web Swinging Sounds Superbly Skill Based

    First details about Insomniac's upcoming exclusive

    We’d love to know how many man-hours Insomniac Games has invested into Spider-Man’s web swinging system. The reality is this: there’s no point in making a Spidey game if you can’t get the traversal right, and it’s telling of the franchise’s disappointing video game legacy that...

  • News Spider-Man PS4 Includes Photo Mode, Excludes Microtransactions

    Plus more from new interview

    In addition to announcing the release date for Spider-Man, Game Informer has posted a new, rapid fire interview with the game's creative director, Bryan Intihar. It's a pretty silly interview and well worth a watch, but there are some interesting snippets of information sprinkled throughout. Perhaps most notabl

  • News 3 DLC 'Chapters' Planned for Spider-Man PS4

    They sound like expansions

    Developer Insomniac Games has confirmed that Spider-Man will be getting post-launch support in the form of three additional "chapters". According to the studio, these downloadable scenarios will feature new stories, missions, characters, villains, and costumes for Spidey himself. Other than that, we don't have much to go...

  • News Spider-Man Gets a Pricey PS4 Collector's Edition

    But of course

    Something tells us that Spider-Man is going to make Marvel and Sony and everyone else involved an awful lot of money, so of course you'll have the option of doubling down on a collector's edition of the game. Swinging in at $149.99, the unimaginatively named Collector's Edition will contain a steelbook, a mini artbook, and a "surprise"...

  • News Spider-Man Release Date Announced, Leaps onto PS4 This Fall


    Game Informer's month long coverage of Insomniac's Spider-Man has begun, and it's started with a bang. The release date for the PS4 exclusive Spidey game has been revealed, and you'll be swinging through the streets of New York City come 7th September 2018. Check out the video above for some ne

  • News Spider-Man PS4's Release Date Has Been Decided

    Our spider-sense is tingling

    Spider-Man’s hotly anticipated PlayStation 4 release date has been decided, according to Game Informer magazine. As part of an exclusive cover story set to run this week and all month online, the popular American publication has confirmed that it’s played the game – and knows its release date. Of course,...

  • News Fresh Spider-Man PS4 Information Will be Swinging Online Soon

    Game Informer's new cover feature revealed

    American games publication Game Informer has just announced the cover of its May issue, revealing that Spider-Man is the headline feature in the new mag. Game Informer teases that they've played the game extensively, and know its release date, which could mean an official announcement on that front is just...


  • News Spider-Man PS4 Toys Infiltrate Toy Fair 2018


    Spider-senses are tingling at Toy Fair 2018 in New York this weekend, as Hasbro is showing off some toys based upon Insomniac Games’ upcoming Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4. These snaps captured by Marvel’s Ryan Penagos show off a plastic version of the popular web-slinger in his latest outfit, with Mr. Negative ominously...


  • News Spider-Man Will Swing to PS4 in 2018, Stay Tuned for More

    Insomniac Games teases additional details

    Insomniac Games community director James Stevenson has casually taken to popular forum ResetEra to reiterate that Spider-Man will release in 2018 on the PlayStation 4. As with pretty much the entirety of Sony’s lineup right now, there’s no specific date been attached to the title, but we know that the...

  • News Spider-Man PS4's Box Art Close to Final, Will 'Pop on Store Shelves'

    Insomniac can't wait to unveil it

    Spider-Man has the potential to be the best-selling PlayStation 4 exclusive of the generation, and it’s going to pick up a lot of sales based on its brand alone. It’s important, then, that Sony and Insomniac Games come up with some good box art to catch the attention of more casual consumers – and according to...

  • News Spider-Man PS4 Playthroughs Taking Multiple Days


    Insomniac Games has been enjoying Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 as part of a studio-wide playtest session, which you can learn more about through here. And one thing we’ve gleaned from the playthroughs is that the game is pretty long: ex-Crystal Dynamics design director Brian Horton wrote on Twitter that each of his three runs thus far has...

  • News Insomniac Staffers Are Swinging Through Spider-Man PS4's Campaign

    Our spider-sense is tingling

    Insomniac Games is enjoying a studio-wide playthrough of Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 this week. An interesting playtest exercise, it seems like all employees have been relieved of their duties in order to try out the upcoming exclusive – potentially in its entirety. We assume everyone will be making notes, and...


  • PSX 2017 Go Behind the Scenes with Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4


    A new behind the scenes trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man has been released alongside PSX 2017, touching upon the story, art direction, and more. There’s no new gameplay footage here, but it’s nice to get an update from Insomniac Games on how the project’s moving forward, and there are also some narrative tidbits that fans of the...


  • News You'll Play as MJ Watson in Spider-Man on PS4

    C'mere, Tiger

    Insomniac Games’ new Spider-Man title for the PlayStation 4 will venture into Peter Parker’s social life, and you’ll play as the fledgling photographer at points throughout the campaign. But he isn’t the only character you’ll be playing as: the Burbank-based developer has also revealed that you’ll be taking control of...

  • PGW 2017 Spider-Man's Latest PS4 Trailer Swings into View


    Insomniac Games' dropped a bombastic new trailer for its equally bombastic Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4 at Sony's Paris Games Week Conference today. The clip mostly shows off the title's story, but there are a few glimpses of gameplay throughout.  Are you liking the look of Spidey's newest outing? Hang upside down in the...


  • News Spider-Man Goes Behind the Scenes in D23 Expo Showcase

    New footage

    The D23 Games Showcase is happening right now, and Insomniac Games has just debuted a new behind the scenes video that focuses on Spider-Man and everything that's going in to the game. The footage includes a couple of new clips, with a quick shot of Peter Parker's apartment and a glimpse of a fight with Iron Fist. What did you take...


  • News Spider-Man: Homecoming Swings to PlayStation VR in Promotional Demo

    Our spider-sense is tingling

    Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to be big business for Sony this summer, so it’s no surprise to see it pouring company-wide energy into the upcoming cinematic release. In addition to a new scene from the movie being posted exclusively to the PlayStation Store, the company’s also added a free virtual reality...

  • News Spider-Man Homecoming Is Swinging to PlayStation VR This Month

    Our spider-sense is tingling

    PlayStation VR has already enabled you to don the cowl, so why not let you pop on Spider-Man's spandex, too? Sony Pictures Virtual Reality is bringing a unique Spider-Man: Homecoming VR experience to the futuristic facemask for free starting 30th June. The digital download will allow you to suit up as Spidey...

  • News Spider-Man's Swinging Is Completely Skill-Based

    Why so slow, bruh?

    The new Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4 has been incredibly well received, winning our Game of the Show gong by a country mile. But if there’s been any criticism levelled at the exclusive, it’s been the slow swinging speed. That’s prompted developer Insomniac Games to come out and clarify: it’s all skill-based, and...

  • News Spider-Man Seemingly Launching in First Half of 2018

    God of War and Shadow of the Colossus, too

    We’ve told you time and time again that Sony’s moving away from the holidays for tentpole exclusive releases, but even after the dizzying first-party PlayStation 4 lineup in the first half of this year, still people doubt the tactic. Well, it looks like it’s going to be repeating it in 2018, because...

  • Feature E3 2017 Game of the Show - Spider-Man

    Our spider-sense is tingling

    He came, he saw, he conquered – and then swung through New York City clutching Push Square’s coveted E3 2017 Game of the Show award close to his chest. Spider-Man comfortably thwipped this year’s gong from the clutches of ex-Greek God Kratos, securing almost double the votes of its closest competitor in our poll...

  • E3 2017 Spider-Man Will Have Alternate Outfits on PS4


    This is probably the most obvious announcement of E3 2017, but Spider-Man will be able to unlock different outfits in the new PlayStation 4 game. Insomniac Games hasn’t detailed exactly how you’ll get these – it’s probably safe to suggest that at least one will be available as a pre-order bonus – or what design they’ll adopt. We...

  • E3 2017 Spider-Man PS4's Open World Map Sounds Pretty Bloody Big

    Insomniac gives an estimate

    How big is Spider-Man PS4's map? Being an open world title, people are naturally interested in how large Spidey's playground will be, and developer Insomniac has provided a decent enough answer. gamesradar reports that community director James Stevenson reckons the map is "probably four to six times that of Sunset...

  • E3 2017 Spider-Man PS4 Is Not an Origin Story, Peter Parker Is 23 in the Game

    He's been Spidey for eight years

    There's been some speculation over Insomniac's Spider-Man regarding the age of Peter Parker. Does it take place when Peter is only just learning about his powers, or does it focus on a more experienced Spidey? According to PlayStation Access, the latter is correct. Peter's 23 years old in the game, and he's been...

  • E3 2017 Insomniac's Programmed Spider-Man So You Can't Kill


    Spider-Man’s a good guy, and he traditionally doesn’t take lives. You may have noticed in this week’s E3 2017 trailer how the hero made extra effort to scoop up debris and avoided endangering the public. But what about when you’re released into the open world to do what you want? Or when you’re fighting bad guys on a rooftop and kick...

  • E3 2017 Peter Parker Will Play an Integral Role in Spider-Man PS4

    Great responsibility

    The new Spider-Man game is called Spider-Man because, well, it’s about Spider-Man – but what about the dude behind the spandex suit? Peter Parker, it appears, will play in an integral role in Insomniac Games’ new title, coming to the PlayStation 4. “It can’t just be Spider-Man 100 per cent of the time,” creative...

  • E3 2017 Insomniac Games' Spider-Man Web-Slings into Action

    I want gameplay, Parker!

    Having been absent throughout Sony's E3 2017 conference, this particular scribe was getting a little worried that Insomniac Games' take on the Marvel universe with the PlayStation 4's Spider-Man wasn't going to make an entrance, but the developer came swinging in with a hefty look at how we're going to be fighting...


  • News Marvel: Spider-Man's Swinging to PS4 in 2017

    Our spider-sense is tingling

    With Sony already confirmed to be Destiny 2's marketing partner this fall, and Call of Duty: WWII, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and – fingers crossed – Red Dead Redemption 2 all expected to follow, this holiday's already looking pretty stacked for the PlayStation 4. But it wouldn't be the year of dreams without more:...


  • News Marvel: We Want Spider-Man PS4 to Be Game of the Year

    Great power, great responsibility

    It's worth reiterating that Marvel's approach to games is changing. Gone are the days where it would farm its licenses out to the highest bidder and demand regular movie tie-ins; it's taken a long, hard look at the Batman: Arkham titles and decided to do something different. And that all starts with Spider-Man, the...








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    Review The Amazing Spider-Man


    Cast your minds back to 2012. You may remember seeing The Amazing Spider-Man reboot at the movies, and you may even recall playing Beenox’s anticipated PlayStation 3 tie-in on your beloved console – but you probably won’t remember booting it up on your PlayStation Vita. That’s because someone at publisher Activision forgot...

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