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  • Soapbox I'm Collecting Every NFL Game Ever Released on PlayStation

    Third and long

    What’s wrong with me? I’ve been planning for a while to clear out my cupboards from the countless PlayStation discs I’ve accumulated over the years, but just as I’ve started making progress on that process, I’ve been unable to resist the temptation of adding new cases to my collection. There’s a twist, though: I’m only...

  • News NFL Fortnite Skins Touchdown in the Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History

    Automatic first down

    Fortnite celebrations have become as common as the Gronk spike on Sundays, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see the NFL partner with the biggest game in the world to bring American football outfits to the behemoth Battle Royale. To be fair, even if you’re not a fan of the sport, these costumes do look cool – especially...

  • News Well, You Can Forget Watching NFL on Your PS3 This Year

    Sunday skip-it

    If you prefer your balls of the egg-shaped variety, then you may be gutted to learn that NFL Sunday Ticket will not be making a return to the PlayStation 3 this year. Speaking with IGN, a Sony representative confirmed that the football streaming service will be sitting on the sidelines this season. It seems that this may be a...