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  • News There's Another Licensed PS4 'Pro' Controller Out Next Week

    Introducing the Onyx

    HORI's "Onyx" PlayStation 4 controller is out next week in the UK. The pad's part of a reasonably wide range of third party devices, but this one's more of a "pro" option. It's got all the functionality that you'd expect, and unlike some other licensed controllers, it doesn't have to be connected via USB to work. Can't say we're...




  • News This Slick Vita Grip Adds Triggers for Better PS4 Remote Play

    Say goodbye to the rear touchpad

    Veteran Japanese manufacturer Hori recently announced that it's making a new grip accessory for the PlayStation Vita, and it seems pretty darn handy. The grip adds R2, L2, R3, and L3 functionality to Sony's handheld, supposedly making it a great fit for Remote Play sessions. It looks rather comfortable, too. The...




  • News Xbox Expats May Prefer This Hori PS4 Controller

    Asymmetrical sticks FTW

    Data shows that a lot of ex-Xbox fans have made the switch to the PlayStation 4 this generation, but not everyone's happy with the placement of the DualShock 4's analogue sticks. While many of us have grown up with Sony's symmetrical layout, others are more familiar with the asymmetrical format adopted by Microsoft – but...





  • News Hori Create A Portable Playstation 3 (Kind Of)

    Are you ever out and about thinking to yourself: "Damn, I wish I could play the Playstation 3 right now

    " Probably not many of you. But for the few of you in that situation, Hori's got your back with this ridiculous Sony-licensed LCD docking station. The devices attaches a neat little 1,366 x 768 LCD screen and Stereo speakers to your PS3 allowing you to essentially take your system anywhere..

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