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  • News No Publishers Are Interested in FuturLab's Sequel to Velocity 2X

    Velocity Supernova in trouble

    Velocity 2X is a very well liked platformer/shooter that, thanks to PlayStation Plus, reached a huge audience on PS4 and PS Vita. Its developer, FuturLab, has been dabbling in other projects since, such as PSVR titles Tiny Trax and the upcoming Mini-Mech Mayhem, alongside porting 2X to other platforms. However, it...



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    Review Tiny Trax

    Micro machines

    Tiny Trax is one of those games that’s just really good, y’know? Velocity 2X developer FuturLab rarely ever disappoints, and its PlayStation VR debut is predictably spot-on. A vibrant Scalextric-style slot racer, this arcade delight places you inside 12 fantasy dioramas and hands you control of one of several miniature vehicles,...






  • News PS Plus Freebie Velocity 2X Reloads with Dual Core DLC

    Spoilers abound

    We thoroughly enjoyed Velocity 2X here at Push Square. In fact, we liked the shmup so much that we awarded it the rare and coveted 10/10. One of our favourite things about the title was the way that it kept its gameplay fresh right until the very last level. In the interest of not spoiling things, we won't explain what happens at the...

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    Review Velocity 2X


    Since the very beginning of video game history, developers have strived to give us new and exciting ways of blowing stuff up in space. Whether it’s deadly invaders from planets unknown or chunks of asteroids, it’s all been in preparation for Velocity 2X. Strap yourself in, grab yourself a glass of tang, attempt to figure out what the...



  • News Bask in the Blinding Lights of Velocity 2X on PS4 and Vita

    Yippee Kai-yay

    At this point, we’re convinced that the fine folks at FuturLab scoff a special brand of Corn Flakes for breakfast. This eager editor has energy in abundance, but even he can’t match the output of the award-winning Brighton-based studio. It should come as no surprise, then, that mere days after Surge Deluxe’s release, the team...

  • Interview Connecting the Blocks with Surge Deluxe Developer FuturLab


    Brighton-based developer FuturLab may just be the most consistent studio working on the PlayStation Vita right now. Having made its name in the PlayStation Minis space, the award-winning outfit has made the jump to native portable production with the kind of poise that you’d expect from a more experienced team. And with the brilliant...

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    Review Surge Deluxe

    Index addiction

    There’s something deadly about the combination of addictive gameplay and online leaderboards. It’s something that we sampled in Rock Band, where grown men would blast out Hannah Montana songs in the hopes of nailing those few extra notes. Surge Deluxe is equally moreish, without ever serving as a gateway to twerking. As such, if...





  • Weirdness These FuturLab-Inspired Painted Nails Are Too Cool

    Designs for Hotline Miami, Farming Simulator, and more also showcased

    Want to know an oddly specific secret? This author hates painted nails. There’s something creepy about the act of colouring your fingers different hues – and don’t even mention toe nails. Still, for this particular story, we’re making an exception, because this is just too...


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    Review Velocity Ultra

    Starship super

    One year ago, FuturLab's Velocity was released on the PlayStation Minis label and flew right into a meteor shower of praise. At a glance a vertical shoot 'em up, it excelled above this label, wonderfully welding smart puzzle elements to speedy, frantic laser-play. If you were foolish enough to ignore it when it was originally...

  • News Coconut Dodge Revitalised Claws Its Way onto Vita on 5th June

    Crab it while you can

    Coconut Dodge may not be the best way to spend company with a crab – we prefer the blighters when they’re dressed in batter and accompanied with sweet chilli sauce – but it certainly ranks pretty high on the list. As such, we’re pumped to learn that Brighton-based developer FuturLab is mere weeks away from setting...



  • News We're Sorry That We Only Gave Velocity a 9/10, FuturLab

    Death by numbers

    It seems that our reluctance to go one digit further with our review for FuturLab's almost perfect PlayStation Minis shooter Velocity may have pushed one employee close to the brink. This silly Velocity Ultra video depicts the plight of one developer after a trickle of 9/10 review scores stream in. Thank goodness for our friends...


  • News First Velocity Ultra Footage Looks Unsurprisingly Swish

    Shooting for the stars

    The fine folks at Eurogamer.net have finally managed to lure some footage of the upcoming Velocity Ultra out of developer FuturLab’s secret lair. The embedded video features a wealth of action from the full PlayStation Vita re-release, and even includes input from managing director James Marsden. The title’s set to take...

  • News New Velocity Ultra Screenshots Light Up the Night Sky

    Like fireworks, only better

    As an award winner and an all-around high-flier, FuturLab must have faced a few headaches when it decided to remake the excellent Velocity for PlayStation Vita. “How can we possibly improve upon perfection?” is a question that we imagine got tossed about a lot during early brainstorming sessions. Thankfully, it...

  • News This Is What FuturLab's Surge Looks Like in LittleBigPlanet

    Fan powered remake

    Just like Smarties and Cheese & Onion crisps, YouTube user Evert84 has fused two of our favourite things. The budding creator curator has taken to the video sharing site to show off his latest LittleBigPlanet Vita level: an almost exact reimagining of FuturLab’s excellent PlayStation Mobile hit,



  • News Coconut Dodge Is Creeping onto the PlayStation Vita

    We can't wait to crab a copy

    Coconut Dodge, the time sapping PlayStation Mini from Velocity developer FuturLab, is following in its successor’s footsteps and getting a full PlayStation Vita re-release. “Special Christacean Message: Clawrence is also coming to Vita natively in 2013 with online scores, PSN Trophies, and HD coconuts,” the...

  • News Velocity Developer FuturLab Sure Loves to Tease

    You definitely asked for it

    We thought Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima was the master of the countdown clock, but he may just need to renounce his crown. It turns out that there’s a new contender to the teaser throne, and it belongs to Coconut Dodge developer FuturLab. Not content with dropping hints in press releases, launching s

  • News Is FuturLab's Velocity Warping onto the PlayStation Vita?

    You asked for it

    Brighton-based developer FuturLab sure loves its quirky promotional schemes. Earlier today, the outfit issued a press release with a hidden message: “Fan powered flight”. We thought that the company was merely being cheeky, but it turns out that there’s a lot more to the developer’s tease than three little words. A teaser...

  • News Velocity Developer FuturLab Signs Landmark Deal with Sony

    Fan powered flight

    We have to admit, we’ve been expecting this. FuturLab, the award winning studio behind Velocity and Coconut Dodge, has signed a “groundbreaking” deal with Sony that will see the Brighton-based outfit focus on PlayStation Vita titles throughout 2013. The arrangement – which sounds a lot like an expansion of Sony’s popular...


  • News Futurlab Aims to Electrify Match 3 with Surge

    Luxury fun

    Not content with reinventing the scrolling shoot ‘em up and slide puzzle, award winning Brighton-based developer Futurlab has announced its intent to electrify the classic Match 3 puzzle genre with Surge. The upcoming PlayStation Mobile title – due out on 12th December worldwide – sees you connecting similarly coloured blocks by...



  • News FuturLab Laments Lack of Trophies in PlayStation Minis

    Valuable trinkets

    Trophies sell games, of that there is very little doubt. Licensed pap such as Hannah Montana: The Movie and Trivial Pursuit have enjoyed cynically long retail legs due to their mind-numbingly easy platinum trophies. That ability to drive sales should not be discredited, and FuturLab’s James Marsden believes the lack of digital...


  • News Velocity Shoots onto PlayStation Minis in May

    Neutrino speed

    Futurlab’s promising PlayStation Minis space shooter Velocity is headed to Sony’s digital storefront in May, the developer has announced. North American gamers will get to sample the teleporting blaster from 1st May, while Europeans will have to wait an extra day until 2nd May. Futurlab’s managing director James Marsden said:...


  • News Fresh Velocity Footage Teleports Online


    If our interview and exclusive wallpapers didn’t get you hyped for FuturLab’s upcoming PlayStation Mini, Velocity, then this lengthy gameplay trailer should. The game’s hook – aside from its retro arcade art-style and Joris de Man soundtrack – is the ability to teleport, which brings a brand new challenge to the traditional...

  • News Jazz Up Your Desktop with Our Exclusive Velocity Wallpapers

    Suits you, sir

    In order to celebrate the announcement of FuturLab’s new PlayStation Mini, Velocity, this afternoon, we’ve teamed up with the Brighton based developer to produce an exclusive batch of snazzy wallpapers for you to decorate your desktop with. Managing director James Marsden said: We've had the pleasure of working with one of the...

  • Interview FuturLab - Velocity

    Jet set future

    Coconut Dodge is easily one of the strongest titles on the PlayStation Minis platform. FuturLab’s cunning combination of puzzle and arcade gameplay culminated in one of the most additive games of 2010. Naturally, we’re pretty excited about the studio’s next project: Velocity. On the back of today’s announcement, we sat down...

  • News FuturLab's Velocity Teleports into the Limelight

    Neutrino speed is too slow

    We wished we could teleport. Seriously, just think of the advantages: easily escaping the dull English weather for a day in the sun; never having to wait on a dingy train platform again; avoiding attacks from an intergalactic fleet of fierce foragers... Wait a minute. While teleportation might not be a reality in...







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