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  • News Sonic the Hedgehog Creator Yuji Naka Spin Dashes Square Enix

    Aw, yeah – this is happenin’

    Video game icon Yuji Naka – the former boss of Sonic Team and the lead programmer of the original Sonic the Hedgehog games – has announced that he joined Square Enix in January. “I’m joining game development as before, and strive to develop games at Square Enix,” he said. “I aim to develop an enjoyable...

  • News Sony's Third-Party Relations Chief Exits After a Year

    Revolving door

    The replacement for Adam Boyes in one of PlayStation’s most important positions has left the company after just a year, according to a Games Beat report. Ex-Harmonix chief Florian Hunziker was recruited in January 2017 as Head of Third-Party Developer Relations to fill the shoes of the aforementioned charismatic suit, but has...


  • News Hob, Torchlight Developer Runic Games Is No More

    Hob gone

    Torchlight developer Runic Games has been shuttered by parent company Perfect World Entertainment – and there’s a pun in there somewhere which probably isn’t appropriate to use. Anyway, the studio most recently released the likeable – but, ultimately, overlooked – Hob on the PlayStation 4. It is, however, no more. “I'm sorry to...







  • News The Last of Us Dev Naughty Dog's on a Real Hiring Spree

    Fresh blood

    We assume Naughty Dog's really starting to ramp up production on The Last of Us: Part II right now, as it's on a huge hiring spree. The Californian developer is trying to fill a wide gamut of positions, including everything from gameplay animators right the way through to visual effects artists. The studio's got a lot on its plate right...


  • News Telltale Chief Kevin Bruner Reportedly Steps Down

    Telltale will remember that

    Telltale gaffer Kevin Bruner has reportedly stepped down from his position of CEO this week, according to sources close to Kotaku scribe Jason Schreier. This is big news because Bruner actually helped found the company which has gone on to become a major household name, following its success primarily on The Walking Dead...


  • News GameStop May Be Lying to You About New Games

    Bonkers initiative puts staff in impossible position

    A new program established by GameStop management may be forcing humble store clerks to lie to you about the availability of brand new games – and it's kinda crazy. Reddit has been bubbling over with reports of the retailer's 'Circle of Life' initiative for a few days now, but Kotaku's...





  • News Buzz! Developer Relentless Software Shuttered


    In the days before the Nintendo Wii, it was actually Sony that ruled the casual games space – especially in Europe, with franchises like Singstar, EyeToy Play, and… Yes, Buzz!. For those of you who don't remember it – the series only seemed to be popular in the Old World – it was essentially a multiplayer quiz title, where you controlled...



  • News Sony to Hold Recruitment Fair for Axed Lionhead Employees

    All SCEE studios to attend

    As a British site, we always find it extra sad when UK studios close their doors – especially if they have a long and storied lineage like Studio Liverpool or Bizarre Creations. The closure of Lionhead this week, then, proved particularly depressing news – even more so seeing as the Guildford-based outfit was...


  • News Grand Theft Auto Veteran Exits Rockstar North

    Leslie Benzies departs Scottish studio

    Rockstar North, the uber-secretive Edinburgh-based developer behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise, is going through a bit of a shake-up at the minute. Leslie Benzies, one of the key figures behind the aforementioned sandbox series, has departed the company after over 15 years of service. He originally...




  • News Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Developer Shuts Up Shop

    Caught in a Claptrap

    Ah, the brutal realities of AAA game development: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was a generally well received entry in Gearbox's lootin', shootin' series – but the developer no longer exists. Kotaku broke the news courtesy of an anonymous source, but publisher 2K Games has since confirmed the closure. "We can confirm that we...

  • News Konami Fired Hideo Kojima, According to Voice Actress


    Veteran video game visionary Hideo Kojima was fired by Konami, according to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes actress Donna Burke. Reports earlier in the year revealed that the legendary developer would leave the Japanese publisher once Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was finished – but there was still the slightest possibility that his...

  • Site News Hideo Kojima Joins the Push Square Team

    Metal Gear developer to move into video game journalism

    Loughborough, England – Push Square, the internationally recognised PlayStation publication operated by Nlife Ltd, has today announced that video game visionary Hideo Kojima will be joining its editorial team as a reviewer. Mr. Kojima is perhaps best known for his work on the critically...










  • News Bethesda Issues a War Cry for 'Bleeding-Edge' PS4 RPG

    Will there be any Fallout?

    Last year was a rather quiet period for Bethesda, but a recent job listing for a games programmer has surfaced. The recruitment drive seeks to add new members to a "team that is pushing the bleeding-edge of role-playing game development". Alright, we're listening. With the Zenimax owned outfit set to release Wolfenstein:...

  • News Star Wars 1313's Creative Director Plots a Course for PS4

    Not a Wookiee

    Dominic Robilliard, the creative director on LucasArts’ unreleased Star Wars 1313, has fired up his jetpack and returned to Sony’s first-party fray. The developer – whose previous credits include London Studio’s underrated The Getaway games – has been working with the platform holder for over seven months now, though it’s...






  • News Job Listing Suggests That Sony Wants You to Talk to Your PS4

    Conversations with consoles

    We regularly whisper sweet little somethings into our PlayStation 3’s disc drive, but other than the slight purr of the system’s primary fan, we don’t get much in the way of a response. That could be about to change with the PlayStation 4, as a Linked In job listing has hinted that Sony could be about to follow in...

  • News Ken Kutaragi Secures a Second Job at Marvelous AQL

    Father of PlayStation teams up with Soul Sacrifice developer

    It’s taken a while, but it seems that Ken Kutaragi has finally followed his own controversial advice and landed himself a second job. The man behind the PlayStation, and the former chairman and CEO of SCE, has secured the role of external director at Soul Sacrifice developer Marvelous...




  • News Sony Severs Ties with PlayStation All-Stars Developer

    Walking away

    Despite the likelihood of a sequel seeming fairly high, Sony has confirmed that it has ended its relationship with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale developer SuperBot Entertainment. The platform holder confirmed the news in a press release earlier this evening, adding that its Santa Monica studio will continue to support the release...


  • News Warren Spector's Junction Point Reaches the End of the Line

    Mickey mania

    After the reportedly dire sales of Epic Mickey 2, it’s perhaps not surprising that Disney has decided to shutter developer Junction Point today – but that doesn’t make the news any easier to swallow. The publisher, currently wrapped up in the production of Disney Infinity, confirmed the closure earlier this evening, citing its...

  • News Crytek Resurrects Darksiders Developers with Texas Studio

    Back from the brink

    Darksiders may have been caught by the scythe of Death, but that’s not stopping a number of former Vigil Games employees from finding new life at Crytek USA. The Austin-based outfit, announced earlier today, represents the ninth studio in the German firm’s portfolio. Its foundation follows closely in the footsteps of Crytek...

  • News Legendary Rare Developer Switches Xbox for PlayStation

    Flying the first-party flag

    You may not have heard of George Andreas, but you will almost certainly have played one of his games. The former Rare employee worked on a wealth of classics during his 16 year tenure at the UK studio, including Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, and even GoldenEye 007. But, after playing a pivotal role in the production of

  • Rumour PlayStation All-Stars Developer Thumped by Layoffs

    Heavy haymaker

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale developer SuperBot Entertainment has apparently been struck by a round of layoffs. According to Insomniac Games designer Mike Birkhead, around 20 employees were released earlier today. “When it rains, it pours,” he said, presumably in reference to the recent slew of job losses at defunct...

  • News THQ's Assets Are Divided, Deep Silver Snatches Saints Row

    Thanks for the memories

    The auction for THQ’s assets has concluded, with the publisher closing up shop as a result. After a gruelling 22 hour auction process, intermediaries decided that individual bids would net a greater cash return for the debt riddled company, resulting in the demise of the once prolific publisher. The new owners of many of...


  • News Phew, Looks Like There May Be a PlayStation All-Stars Sequel

    Celebrate good times

    We’ve got to admit, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale’s seemingly poor sales had us worried for a moment. Developer SuperBot Entertainment has crafted such an excellent starting point, that it would be a real shame if the idea didn’t get fleshed out further in a sequel – but it looks like that’s exactly what’s on...

  • News 007 Legends Developer Eurocom Closes for Good

    You only live twice

    Blighted British developer Eurocom has been forced to close its doors just weeks after announcing huge redundancies. The Derby-based studio employed over 200 people prior to releasing 007 Legends earlier this year. It slashed that headcount to just 50 in November, before letting the remaining staff go earlier today. “Today...


  • News 007 Legends Developer Eurocom Sheds a Chunk of Its Staff

    The world is not enough

    Legendary UK developer Eurocom has cut its workforce to just under 50 employees today. The studio – which previously employed over 200 people – has been forced to restructure after a decline in demand for console games. "Eurocom are undertaking a restructuring which I regret to say has meant we've made the majority of...

  • News Admit It, You Want This Glass DualShock 3

    Parting gift

    Jeff Rubenstein may have departed Sony Computer Entertainment America recently, but the social media wizard will always have something to remember his five years at the company with. In order to recognise his service, the platform holder has awarded the PlayStation Blog guru with a glass replica of the DualShock 3 controller. Not only...

  • News Sony Bend Recruiting for Blockbuster Vita Game

    New blood

    Sony Bend, the North American first-party studio responsible for the Syphon Filter franchise and the recent Uncharted: Golden Abyss, is staffing up for a new blockbuster PlayStation Vita title. A job listing for a Senior Staff Technical Animator on Gamasutra notes that the developer is currently looking for “top artistic talent to help...

  • News Senior Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein Exits PlayStation

    Thanks for the memories

    After a slew of rumours, Senior Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has confirmed that he’s leaving PlayStation. Those that have been invested in the brand since the early PS3 days will know that Jeff has played an integral part in transforming the PlayStation Blog into one of the most popular gaming websites in the world...

  • News Mafia Developer Aiming to "Push the Boundaries of Cutting Edge Hardware"

    Period drama

    Mafia II may have been disappointing from a gameplay perspective – but it remains one of the most atmospheric PlayStation 3 titles to date. As such, we’re eager to see what developer 2K Czech can achieve with next-generation hardware. Fortunately, the studio is rumoured to be working on a sequel to the open world crime drama for...



  • News BioWare Co-Founders Quit Video Game Industry for Good

    What's up, doc?

    Affable executives Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka have announced their departure from BioWare – and the games industry in general. The duo co-founded the company in 1995 after graduating from medical school. In an honest blog post aimed at fans, Zeschuk explained that his lust for games had waned: "After nearly twenty years working...

  • News WipEout 2048 Community Team Tweets: "We Are Alive"


    The official WipEout 2048 Twitter account has teased that it is “alive” this afternoon, causing mass confusion amongst PlayStation fans. Regular readers will recall the sad news regarding developer Studio Liverpool’s closure earlier this year, but it seems like something is bubbling behind the scenes. Exactly what, we’re not entirely...

  • News UK Retailer GameStation to be Rebranded GAME

    End of an era

    Those of you in North America have our permission to close your ears while we regale tales about the torrid state of UK retail. Chatting at a conference this morning, GAME Retail has revealed that its GameStation brand is to be phased out. The company – which recently went through a major reshuffle – previously operated GAME and...

  • News Patrick Seybold Exits Sony Computer Entertainment

    Greener grass

    Patrick Seybold – the employee saddled with the unfortunate task of spinning Sony’s often disappointing NPD sales results into something positive – has left PlayStation after 12 years. The veteran SCEA employee announced the news on Twitter earlier this week, confirming that he has a new role at mobile outfit TapJoy lined up...


  • News Team ICO Loses More Key Personnel

    The last man standing

    The employee in charge of production on both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus has left Sony Computer Entertainment. Kenji Kaido shared the news on Twitter, declaring: "This August, I left Sony Computer Entertainment.” He added that he has no immediate plans, aside from a long summer vacation. It’s unclear whether Kaido has...

  • News Sony Shuts Down WipEout Developer Studio Liverpool

    No, no, no

    Sony has shut down legendary WipEout developer Studio Liverpool. The unfortunate news was originally revealed on the GRCade forum, but has since been confirmed by a slew of staff on Twitter. The British outfit – which originally started life as Psygnosis – has been in business since 1984. Sandy Lobban, an audio lead at the developer,...

  • Rumour PopCap Games Struck By International Layoffs


    It looks like yesterday’s hastily prepared Plants vs. Zombies 2 announcement may have been cover for some more sinister happenings at PopCap Games. The Bejeweled developer has been struck by a series of international layoffs, according to comments made by Duke Nukem creator George Broussard. Apparently, the company's entire Dublin studio has...

  • News Former Irrational Games Art Director Joins Naughty Dog

    Wishing you Wells

    BioShock Infinite art director Nate Wells may have only just departed Irrational Games, but he’s already landed himself a new gig at award winning Uncharted developer Naughty Dog. Wells announced the news on Twitter overnight, but didn’t offer any specific details. It’s unclear whether he’ll be working on The Last of Us, or...