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  • Rumour Battlefield 5 Is Going to Blow Up Next Week

    Bringing the boom

    Technically, Battlefield 5 hasn't been officially announced yet, but it's looking more and more inevitable that the shooter - which we know is currently in development - is going to be revealed very soon. According to German publication Play3.de, official sources have confirmed that the game's going to be shown next Friday, the...





  • E3 2013 Mirror's Edge 2 Runs Again When It's Ready

    Hype, hype, hype

    It’s definitely still alive. Confirming that this year’s E3 is off to an absolute stormer, EA has revealed that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in development – and will release when it’s ready. The debut trailer – embedded below – shows protagonist Faith getting inked, and racing through a slew of serene environments. The title...


  • Rumour Mirror's Edge 2 Is Currently in Production at DICE

    Running rings

    The hotly anticipated sequel to Mirror’s Edge is apparently in production at Swedish developer DICE. Ben Cousins, the general manager of ngmoco Sweden, revealed the tidbit in a Tweet posted earlier this afternoon. The executive stated: "It is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene that Mirror's Edge 2 is in production at DICE."...


  • News Battlefield Franchise Celebrates Tenth Anniversary Today

    Happy birthday to you

    Swedish developer DICE is dusting off the party poppers and scoffing down the pink wafer biscuits as we speak: the studio is not only celebrating its 20th year in business, but also the 10th anniversary of its Battlefield franchise. Chatting at GDC Europe, general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson revealed that the first-person...


  • News Battlefield Developer Working on New IP

    Faith no more

    Battlefield 3 and Mirror’s Edge developer DICE has started work on a new IP. That’s according to the CV of script writer Adrian Vershinin, who previously worked at new Sony studio Superbot Entertainment. The EA owned outfit has been pretty quiet since the release of Battlefield 3 last year, opting to focus its attention on new DLC...


  • News Battlefield 3 Patch Brings Server Rentals to PS3

    First for everything

    With ambitious titles such as DUST 514 on the horizon, Sony is really pushing the concept of PlayStation Network as an open network. The most recent example of that comes in the form of Battlefield 3’s latest patch, which will allow players to rent and maintain their own servers on PS3. Renting your own server will allow you...

  • News Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Announced for June

    Practice your CQC

    The second major Battlefield 3 DLC pack is due in June, DICE has announced. Entitled Close Quarters, the expansion will bundle four maps, 10 weapons and, sadly, no vehicles – we suppose the title was chosen for a reason. DICE also announced that the game will get two more packs beyond its June expansion: Armour Kill and End Game...