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  • News Diablo III's Retro Darkening of Tristram Event Is Back

    Hell still burns

    The Darkening of Tristram has returned to Diablo III, giving players a chance to play through the levels of the original Diablo. The annual event adds the explorable areas and bosses of the first game, complete with an optional pixelated visual filter. It's good fun, and it's live right now if you fancy busting some demon skulls...





  • News Diablo III's Annual Darkening of Tristram Event Is Back

    Back to the beginning

    Diablo III's The Darkening of Tristram event is back for the second year running, and you can dive in right now on PlayStation 4. The event lasts until the 30th January, so you've got plenty of time to hoover up the exclusive loot that it offers. So, what actually is The Darkening of Tristram? Well, basically, it brings the...



  • News Diablo III Patch 1.18 Brings Seasons to PS4, Out Now

    We're going to win the league

    Diablo III's popular seasons game mode has arrived on PlayStation 4 as part of a new update. Patch 1.18 is available to download now on Sony's console, bringing with it a number of improvements - but obviously, the big talking point here is the aforementioned seasons. In a nutshell, seasons allows players to...

  • News Blizzard Shares a Little More Info on Diablo III's New Necromancer

    Up and at 'em

    At some point later this year, Diablo III will be getting a whole new playable character class in the form of the Necromancer. We don't have too much to go on when it comes to analysing this corpse-raising warrior, but at least Blizzard seems to enjoy drip feeding us new information. In an official blog post, the developer goes over...


  • News Diablo III Necromancer Details Rise From the Grave Next Week

    Dead rising

    Diablo III is getting a brand new playable character at some point this year, but we know very little about it right now. That's all set to change next week, however, as Blizzard plans to show off the role-playing loot-'em-up's latest class on the 27th January as part of a developer livestream. The upcoming Necromancer will,...

  • News Here's What Diablo III's PS4 Pro Support Does

    The devil's in the details

    The tech heads over at Digital Foundry are at it again, this time examining Diablo III's latest PlayStation 4 update, which provides PS4 Pro support. Given that the official patch notes don't actually mention what kind of support to expect, the publication's latest video proves to be a handy guide. The big talking point...

  • Hands On Going Back to Hell with Diablo III's Retro Dungeon

    Where it all began

    Diablo III is a game that just keeps on giving. Ever since it launched on PlayStation 4 back in 2014, developer Blizzard has been tweaking and adding to the title on a regular basis, enticing players to dive back into the action role-playing game in the process. The studio's latest attempt to reel in both new and old blood is the...

  • Guide How to Find Diablo III's Anniversary Dungeon

    Hell and back again

    Diablo III's latest patch added in a whole new dungeon to celebrate the original Diablo's 20th anniversary. Naturally, said dungeon is a 16-floor remake of the first game, complete with pixelated visuals, old enemies, and retro sound effects. In short, it's pretty cool. However, the dungeon is only available for a limited time...

  • News Diablo III Patch 1.15 Adds a Whole New Hell, PS4 Pro Support, and It's Out Now

    Hot stuff

    Diablo III's 1.15 update is out now on PlayStation 4 - good news for those of you looking for an excuse to charge back into the fires of Hell. As detailed by Blizzard yesterday, the patch includes a new 16-floor dungeon based on the original Diablo, featuring its own rewards and "surprises". It also contains a bunch of small tweaks and...

  • News Diablo III's Massive New Patch Hits PS4 Soon

    Back for more

    In a new blog post, Blizzard has detailed Diablo III's upcoming patch, shedding some light on what you can expect from the game's next big update. The headline act here is the inclusion of the original Diablo, which has been remade as a 16-floor dungeon using assets from the third game. It'll feature rewards as well as "extra...


  • News The Original Diablo Is Being Reborn in Diablo III

    Rumoured Necromancer class coming next year

    BlizzCon 2016 is underway, and Blizzard has wasted no time in revealing its future plans for Diablo III. To start with, the developer announced an update dubbed 'The Darkening of Tristram'. There aren't any real details on how this will all work just yet, but according to VentureBeat, the update will...

  • Rumour Diablo III May Be Getting a New Playable Character Class

    Back from the dead

    Diablo III, also known as The Game That Keeps on Giving, may be getting a brand new character class at some point. The speculation is based on a piece of concept art that's signed by Blizzard art director John Mueller, and features two necromancers raising the dead. The picture was found on one of the company's servers, and once...


  • News Diablo III Patch 1.14 Is Out Now on PS4

    More Torment for your trouble

    Diablo III's latest patch is out now on PlayStation 4. Detailed last week, update 1.14 adds three new difficulty levels: Torment XI, XII, and XIII. It also updates a bunch of legendary items and makes slight changes to various character classes. Blizzard's loot based role-playing game has been knocking about on Sony's...


  • News Four Years Later and Blizzard Is Still Working on Updates for Diablo III

    A new patch is incoming

    Blizzard's currently working on yet another update for Diablo III, which is set to launch in the relatively near future. Patch 2.4.2 will introduce three new difficulty levels - namely Torment XI, XII, and XIII - and naturally, you'll be able to nab better and better loot as long as you're strong enough to tackle them. The...

  • News Blizzard Continues to Hire For Unknown Diablo Project

    Speak of the devil

    Bilzzard's an incredibly busy company these days. Not only is it constantly maintaining recent, impressively popular projects such as Hearthstone and Overwatch, but it's also thinking about the future - that's why it's been hiring for something related to Diablo for quite a while now. Spotted on the developer's jobs page, the...



  • News Diablo 3's Latest Patch Is Playing Hell on PS4

    Blizzard's looking into it, though

    Diablo 3's latest patch launched just a few days ago - it introduced a whole new area, expanded existing locations, and added in a ton of new legendary items. Understandably, loot lovers were excited for the changes, but the blood soaked party's stuttered a little after Digital Foundry discovered that the update...

  • News Diablo 3's Glorious PS4 Patch 2.4.0 Is Yours to Loot Right Now

    Hell yes

    Delivering on its promise of pushing out Diablo 3's newest update in a timely fashion, Blizzard's latest labour of love is now available to download on PlayStation 4. Patch 2.4.0 adds a slew of new content to the game, including a whole new location that ties directly into the title's endgame adventure mode. We won't go through all of the...

  • News Diablo 3's Gigantic New PS4 Patch Is Almost an Expansion, and It's Out Soon

    Loot glorious loot

    Just when you thought that your best looting days may have finally been over, Blizzard jumps back into the fray and prepares to unleash a whole new Diablo III patch that typically adds a ton of new stuff to the game. In fact, the upcoming update is so big that it's practically what you'd expect from a slice of downloadable...


  • News Diablo III's Gigantic New PS4 Patch Is Out Now

    1.6GB of pure grinding goodness

    Rejoice fellow demon slayers, for the massive Diablo III patch that was detailed earlier today is actually available to download right now on PlayStation 4. The update adds an absolute ton of stuff to the superb loot-'em-up, including a new area, a new questline, and, of course, new gear to hunt down and add to your...

  • News Diablo III's Next Patch Will Make It Bigger and Better than Ever

    Never ending journey

    Fair warning: this is going to be a pretty beefy news article. Blizzard's gone ahead and posted the changes that are coming to Diablo III with patch 2.3.0, and it's a laundry list of alterations to say the least. Let's start with the big stuff; a new zone, The Ruins of Sescheron, is going to be added to the role-playing game's...

  • News Diablo III May Be Summoning a New Expansion From the Depths of Hell

    More of the same, please

    We've pumped so many hours into Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition that we're slaughtering the armies of Hell in our dreams, but we wouldn't say no to more of Blizzard's superbly polished loot-'em-up. Thankfully, more might be coming, at least if a developer job listing is anything to go by. Requesting "a...


  • News There's a Nice Big Diablo 3 Patch Waiting for You on PS4

    Mmm, new content

    We all love free content right? Well, that's what you're getting with Bilzzard's ever expanding Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4, as the developer's pumped out yet another content patch that's over 1GB in size. Update 1.07 adds over 50 new legendary items to the game, including three new class...