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  • News Dead or Alive 6 Demo Coming Soon, Mai From King of Fighters Returns as DLC Again

    Season pass also confirmed

    Dead or Alive 6 will be getting a 'Deluxe Demo', Koei Tecmo has confirmed. It'll feature online battles, training modes, combo challenges, and a brief look at the game's story. It'll also include all 24 playable characters, so more hardcore fans of the series may appreciate the opportunity to test out their favourite...

  • News Tetris Effect Trial Demo Returns This Weekend on PS4

    Not yours forever

    You may remember that Enhance Games released a limited time demo of its brilliant rhythmic take on the classic puzzler, Tetris Effect, before launch. Today, the developer has announced its plans to make the demo available once again over this weekend. If it's exactly the same trial as before, you'll be able to play a handful of...

  • News Devil May Cry 5 Demo Out Now on PS4

    Pull the trigger

    The second Devil May Cry 5 demo is out right now in Europe. The first demo was an Xbox One exclusive, so it's finally time for PS4 owners to get in on the action. You'll need to search for it on the PlayStation Store, or check out the dedicated demo section to find it. It's not that big of a download either, weighing in at just...

  • Poll What Did You Think of the ANTHEM Public Demo?

    Will you be buying the game?

    The ANTHEM public demo is over, and we won't be seeing the game again until it launches later this month. The demo was available for three days or so over the past weekend, boasting a handful of missions, a co-op activity, and some free roam adventuring. What's more, players could try out all four of the different...

  • News ANTHEM Public Demo Appears to Be Going Smoothly on PS4

    So far

    Just a quick update for those cautious of jumping into the ANTHEM public demo: it actually seems to be working quite well. There were reasonable fears that the demo would crumble as soon as it launched -- much like the VIP outing last weekend -- but it looks like connection errors are being kept to a minimum on PlayStation 4. That's the case...

  • Guide ANTHEM Public Demo - Dates, Times, Details, and How to Play

    All the info on the ANTHEM public demo

    The ANTHEM public demo is incoming on PlayStation 4, giving players the opportunity to test the game before its release in February. We've already had the VIP demo, which was gated off behind pre-orders on PS4 -- but now it's time for everyone to get in on the action. ANTHEM Demo - How to play the public demo:...