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  • News FIFA 19 Demo Will Feature Kick-Off, The Champions League, and The Journey

    The big game

    EA Sports has spilled the beans on what's in the upcoming FIFA 19 demo, which is due to launch on PlayStation 4 later this week. It'll let players try out the overhauled Kick-Off mode as well as the final chapter in The Journey, FIFA's story mode. We imagine that you won't be able to play much of The Journey, but it should give you...

  • News FIFA 19 Demo Kicks Off Next Week on PS4

    Back of the net

    As is yearly tradition, a playable FIFA demo will be added to the PlayStation Store before the latest game is released. The FIFA 19 demo is set to take to the pitch in just under a week from now, on the 13th September. If previous years are anything to go by, it'll offer up a handful of teams picked from Europe's top leagues, and...

  • News Mega Man 11 Gets a Demo on PS4, Available Now

    Defeat Block Man

    Demos are few and far between these days, but the resurgent Capcom has seen fit to release one for its upcoming addition to the classic action franchise, Mega Man 11. What's more, the demo is available to download right now on PS4. In this snippet of Mega Man's latest adventure, you'll be able to tackle Block Man's stage, fighting...

  • News Fist of the North Star PS4 Demo Is Out Now in the West

    Crack your knuckles

    Hop on over to the PlayStation Store in Europe and you should find a playable demo for Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise. It's 8.7GB in size, and based on what we've heard, it's a reasonably lengthy look at the upcoming action title. At the time of writing, the demo isn't available in North America just yet, but it...



  • News Yakuza: Kiwami 2 Demo Now Available on PS4

    New story trailer released

    Are you ready for even more Kiryu action on PS4? A demo for Yakuza: Kiwami 2 has been made available on the PlayStation Store today, giving you a taster of what to expect from this remake of the second game in the series. A small selection of mini games and sub stories will be unlocked for you to enjoy as you explore...


  • News Unravel Two Demo Available This Week on PS4

    It takes two

    Unravel Two was one of EA's only real surprises at its EA Play press conference, announcing that the sequel would be ready to purchase immediately. Now the publisher has released a demo on the PlayStation Store, so you can try your hand at this cutesy co-op adventure before you buy. The demo consists of the game's first two levels, and...

  • News Shining Resonance Refrain Demo Available Now on PS4

    Action JRPG's worth a shot

    There's a playable demo out right now on the PlayStation Store for action role-playing title Shining Resonance Refrain. With its file size only adding up to 1.4GB on PlayStation 4, it's well worth a download if you're interested in a bit of anime-styled adventuring. The game itself is set to launch in the near...


  • News WipEout Omega Collection Demo Zooms to PS4

    Test pilot

    WipEout Omega Collection may be a simple remaster, but it's still one of PS4's best racing games, offering blisteringly fast, buttery smooth gameplay and a generous amount of content. The recent virtual reality update makes it even more enticing for those with PlayStation VR, especially as it happens to be one of the headset's best...


  • News Detroit: Become Human Demo Puts in Surprise Appearance

    But only in New Zealand

    Detroit: Become Human, the anticipated narrative adventure from Quantic Dream, has received a demo – but at the time of typing it’s only available in New Zealand. The free 3GB sampler allows you to play through the rooftop sequence which has appeared at various conventions and conferences over the past few years. Your...



  • News JRPG Lost Sphear's Free Demo Is Out Now on PS4

    Lost and found

    Lost Sphear is due out on PlayStation 4 next month, but if you want a quick taste of Tokyo RPG Factory's upcoming turn based title before its release, then you'll want to head over to the PlayStation Store. Search around and you'll find the game's free demo, which weighs in at just 1GB. Lost Sphear comes from the same studio...


  • News Yakuza: Kiwami 2 Demo Punches Japanese PS Store in the Face

    Take that

    Things are heating up on the Japanese PlayStation Store, with the release of the Yakuza: Kiwami 2 demo. Those of you with a JPN PSN account (they’re pretty easy to create) will be able to download the 9.89GB demo right now. Naturally it’s all in a foreign tongue, but fans of the franchise shouldn’t have too much bother navigating the...

  • News Free Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Demo Weekend Tags in on PS4

    Test out all characters

    At least Capcom is trying to flog critical and commercial flop Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, announcing a free demo weekend exclusively for the PlayStation 4 which will allow fans to test out all 30 characters starting 8:00AM Pacific on 24th November through 8:00AM Pacific on 27th November. It may well be worth a look if...

  • News Yakuza: Kiwami 2 Demo Will Heat Up the Japanese PS Store Next Week

    Suits Kiryu, sir

    We’ve been treated to more Yakuza than we probably deserve in recent months, with the franchise enjoying something of a belated renaissance in Western territories. Overseas it’s business as usual, as SEGA readies Yakuza: Kiwami 2 for release – a full-blown remake of the second game in the series. And those of you with Japanese...

  • News Free PlayStation VR Demo Disc Includes Unreleased Games

    Moss! Star Child! The Persistence!

    Remember when demo discs were a thing? There was a time many, many years ago when purchasing Official PlayStation Magazine felt like buying a new game, purely because you got a couple of demos to try. They were happier days. Anyway. Sony’s updated the demo disc that comes with all new PlayStation VR bundles, but...


  • News We Can't Handle the Sonic Forces Demo, Apparently

    It's not intended for us

    In a recent livestream for the upcoming Sonic Forces, it was announced that those looking for some hands on time prior to release will have their wishes fulfilled in the form of a demo, which is actually out now in Japan. However, the sampler -- which restricts play time to a minute -- won't be made available outside of the...

  • News Gran Turismo Sport's Demo Proved a Roaring Success

    Demand took Polyphony Digital by surprise

    More than one million people played Gran Turismo Sport’s demo – which has conveniently been rebranded an open beta in recent days – the moment it was made available. Sony allowed PlayStation Plus subscribers to pre-load the 43GB sampler, and there was pent-up enthusiasm within the racing game community...

  • News Gran Turismo Sport's Demo Will Break Your Bandwidth Cap

    Not exactly light weight

    Gran Turismo Sport’s timed demo is available to pre-load now in some territories, and its file size is an absolute monster. Weighing in at an eye-watering 43GB, you’re probably going to want to queue this one up right now, as even a quick connection’s going to have to wrestle with that amount of data. Your progre

  • News Sony Flags Timed Gran Turismo Sport Demo for 9th October

    Transfer your progress to the full game

    Gran Turismo Sport is getting a four-day demo – and any progress you make during the sample period will carry through to the full game. Scheduled to run from 12:00AM PT on 9th October through 8:00AM PT on 12th October, you’ll be able to earn up to $1MM in-game credits in the demo to transfer into the final...


  • News The FIFA 18 Demo Kicks Off on PS4 Later Today

    Get in

    Get your laces tied and your legs stretched, the FIFA 18 demo is smashing one off the PlayStation 4 later today. It'll feature 12 playable teams: Manchester City, Manchester United, Athletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain, LA Galaxy, Toronto FC, Boca Juniors, C.D. Guadalajara, and Vissel Kobe...






  • News Give Mafia III a Shot For Free with Its New PS4 Demo

    Bite-sized revenge

    Mafia III may not have set the open world genre alight as was intended, but by most accounts, it's not that bad overall. The game's obviously been out for a while now, but coinciding with the release of its first expansion, a playable demo has hit the PlayStation Store. If you've had your eye on Mafia III but the lukewarm...

  • News Get a Head Start with Toukiden 2's Free Demo on PS4, Vita

    Carry over your save into the full game

    If you plan on potentially grabbing Toukiden 2 later this month, then you may want to give its free demo a whirl. The download is available now on the North American PlayStation Store, while it'll arrive in Europe on the 17th March. Both PlayStation 4 and Vita users can get in on this one. The demo lets you...


  • News Spring to Life with Arty Platformer Bound's Free PS4 Demo

    In case you skipped it

    Bound released on the PlayStation 4 last year, and was praised for its abstract visuals and its sublime animation. Our own Sammy Barker wasn't entirely keen on its gameplay, as noted in our review, but it's a unique title that's at least worth a look. Fortunately, if you're interested in the especially arty release, developer...

  • News Here's Your Reminder That Nioh's Last Chance Trial Is Now Live on PS4

    Last but not least

    It's now officially the weekend - hooray - which that means Nioh's 'Last Chance Trial' can now be accessed on PlayStation 4. Only playable until tomorrow, said trial was made available to download earlier this week so that interested players could make sure it was ready to go. Still, even if you've been slow off the mark, the...

  • News Nioh Offers Final Free PS4 Demo Before Launch This Weekend

    Available to download today

    Nioh is out in just a few weeks on the 8th February, but if you're dying to bloody your blade before then, you may want to give the game's final PlayStation 4 demo a shot this weekend. Over the course of the 21st and 22nd January, you'll be able to test your skills in the title's "Last Chance Trial", which is available...

  • News Watch Dogs 2 Hacks Together a Free Demo on PS4

    And you can download it now

    Ubisoft's released a playable demo for Watch Dogs 2 on the PlayStation 4, and it appears to be quite meaty. You can actually sample the whole game - co-op and all - but you'll only be able to play for three hours before it ends. We suppose that with an open world title like Watch Dogs 2, though, this format makes more...

  • News Tales of Berseria's Demo Is Out Now on PS4


    Tales of Berseria's playable pre-release demo is out right on the European PlayStation Store, weighing in at 444.8MB on the PlayStation 4. We imagine that it'll hit the North American store either just after midnight or at some point tomorrow. The demo should give you a decent taste of the combat system, which is bound to be as frantic as...



  • News Final Fantasy XV Will Get One Last Demo in Japan

    With a dumb name, obvs

    How many demos does one game need? Final Fantasy XV demands many, it seems – well, it has been in production since dinosaurs walked the Earth, after all. Judgment Disc, the title's Japan-only sampler, will launch on 11th November on the PlayStation Store, and will allow you to play through the opening of the game to the...



  • News Start Your NBA 2K17 Career for Free on PS4

    Announce Alex Hunter

    Can't wait to build your character and hit the court in NBA 2K17's career mode? Well, you'll be able to get started prior to the game's launch, with a free Prelude download kicking things off from 9th September. Available from the PlayStation Store, the client will allow you to experience the opening exchanges of the campaign...


  • News Try The King of Fighters XIV for Free on PS4 Next Week

    Bogard to beat

    If you're not quite as hyped for The King of Fighters XIV as some of our forum members, then worry not: SNK's going to try and win you over starting next week with a free demo for the forthcoming fighter. The sampler – available in North America and Europe from 19th July – will include access to seven of the playable characters...

  • News Resident Evil 7 Breaks PS4 Demo Records

    Giving other games the finger

    Resident Evil 7's self-contained demo experience Beginning Hour has set the record for PlayStation 4 demo downloads in North America, becoming the most coveted slice of sampler content in its first week of release. There are a lot of stipulations here, so we're going to attempt that sentence again: more people in North...




  • News Try Metro: Redux Before You Buy on PS4

    Off the rails

    You won't even need a ticket to take a tour of 4A Games' post-apocalyptic PlayStation 4 compilation Metro: Redux, as the developer has deployed two hearty demos on the PlayStation Store today. Available in North America and Europe, the generous downloads will enable you to play the first nine chapters of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last...


  • News Here's How to Get into PS4 Shooter Evolve's 'Big Alpha' Test

    Beta be good

    It seems that Alpha and Beta tests are all the rage these days. Destiny arguably mastered this technique, with countless players pre-ordering the title in order to get a taste of its extra-terrestrial escapades. In truth, we reckon this is pretty good idea, as it allows any potential online functionality problems to be hashed out before...



  • News Sorry, You Won't be Getting an InFAMOUS: Second Son Demo on PS4

    No smoke without fire

    Better put those neon glow sticks down, because you won't be partying with an InFAMOUS: Second Son demo any time soon. With the game set to release in just a couple of weeks, brand development director Ken Schramm has told that there are no plans for a bite-sized trial of the super powered sequel. "It's hard to...


  • News Have a Bloody Good Time with the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Demo

    A fair crack of the whip

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is only a couple of weeks away from launching on the PlayStation 3, but starting today in North America, you'll be able to have a little taste of what's to come with a free downloadable demo. It was previously only available to those that purchased the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collection,...

  • News Don't Worry, You'll Be Able to Play Some of Yakuza Ishin

    Japanese demo striking out soon

    Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that a Japanese PlayStation Network account is virtually mandatory if you want to test out some exotic software. And while it’s still unclear whether Yakuza Ishin will actually make its way overseas, at least you’ll be able to use your abovementioned alternate login to play the...




  • News Take Control of Beyond: Two Souls' Demo Next Month

    Turn the Page

    Assuming that you’re still not sold on Quantic Dream’s upcoming PlayStation 3 opus Beyond: Two Souls, you’ll be able to step into the shoes of protagonist Jodie Holmes next month. Sony has announced that it will be deploying a demo for the Parisian developer’s current-gen swansong, which will allow you to sample two full scenes...


  • GamesCom 2013 FIFA 14 Demo Kicks Off on 10th September

    Top of the league

    You’ll be able to test out FIFA 14’s improved footwork from 10th September in North America and 11th September in Europe, when a demo for the upcoming soccer simulation is set to launch on the PlayStation Network. The full game’s due out a couple of weeks later on the PlayStation 3, and at launch on the PlayStation 4. Those...

  • News A Whopping 1.3 Million Players Floored Gran Turismo 6's Demo

    Racing in circles

    An incredible 1.3 million players strapped themselves into Gran Turismo 6’s recent demo, which also doubled as part of the qualifying process for this year’s GT Academy competition. With the time trials all wrapped up, those budding speedsters that topped the leaderboards will now be drifting into the regional finals, where...


  • Video Watch Us Put the Pedal to the Metal in Gran Turismo 6

    Rolling start

    Gran Turismo 6’s refreshingly early demo strapped itself into the PlayStation Store today, and we persuaded video boffin Rory Cocker to don his best leather gloves and take the title for a test drive. The gameplay teaser – which is available as part of the annual GT Academy competition – allows you to sample a handful of courses...


  • News Puppeteer Stages a Demo on European PlayStation Network Soon

    Dress rehearsal

    Japan Studio’s quirky PlayStation 3 platform adventure Puppeteer is set to break a leg a little earlier than expected in Europe. Those of you residing in the region will be invited to read a few lines with the cast of the side scrolling adventure “soon”, as the developer applies the finishing touches to the title’s demo...

  • News The Last of Us' Demo Doesn't End Where You Think It Does

    Play a little bit more

    Are you eager to play a couple of extra minutes of The Last of Us? The keen-eyed folks over at Rajman Gaming HD have uncovered an exploit in the PlayStation 3 exclusive’s recently released demo which allows you to sample an additional segment of the survival horror title. All you need to do is select ‘Restart...


  • News The Last of Us Demo Clicks onto the PS Store via God of War: Ascension

    Craft your copy now

    Assuming that you purchased a copy of God of War: Ascension earlier in the year – and you really should have done – you’ll be able to unlock a demo for The Last of Us right now. To access the slice of survival horror goodness, all you need to do is select the appropriate icon from the mythological demon slayer’s menu, and...

  • News Capcom Maximises Resident Evil: Revelations Demo on 14th May

    Crawling in the dark

    The claustrophobic corridors of the Queen Zenobia will come to life next week, when Capcom deploys a demo for Resident Evil: Revelations onto the PlayStation Network. Starting from 14th May in North America, you’ll be able to get to get your greasy mitts on a high-definition Jill Valentine – and shoot out some undead blubber...

  • News Fuse Demo Sparks from 7th May on the PlayStation Store

    Final countdown

    Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games will give you the opportunity to put its first multiformat project Fuse through its paces next week. Starting from 7th May, you’ll be able to download a demo for the title, which features single player, four-player, and split-screen co-op modes. You’ll have the chance to put all four...


  • News Yes, Your Soul Sacrifice Demo Saves Will Be Compatible with the Full Game

    Transferring data unlocks exclusive item

    Sony has confirmed that any progress that you make in this week’s Soul Sacrifice demo will carry over to the full game. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, producer Kumi Yuasa revealed that your save data will be fully compatible with the final release – and you’ll even get a bonus item for bringing your...

  • News Sony Serving Up Soul Sacrifice Demo from 16th April

    Dissect Japan Studio's meaty blockbuster

    You won’t have to enter an awkward arrangement with the underworld in order to test out Soul Sacrifice for the PlayStation Vita. Sony’s announced that it’s serving up a sizeable demo for the monster slayer from 16th April in North America and 17th April in Europe, which will allow you to trial the...


  • News The Last of Us Demo Finds Company at the End of May

    Early access for God of War: Ascension owners

    As promised, those of you that purchase God of War: Ascension will unlock exclusive early access to The Last of Us’ single-player demo. While the exact date of the gameplay teaser’s release had been kept under wraps, developer Naughty Dog h

  • News Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Demo Pairs Up on 12th March

    Forever friends

    You and a friend will be able to model the hockey masks of Alpha and Bravo next week, when a demo for upcoming co-operative shooter Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel shoots onto the PlayStation Store. According to publisher EA, the taster will be available “starting” from 12th March, which means that those of you in Europe will...


  • News Toukiden Demo Tempting PlayStation Vita Owners in April

    Monster mash

    A demo for Tecmo Koei’s historical demon slayer Toukiden will trample Japanese PlayStation Vitas in early April, platform holder Sony announced overnight. The game – which is also in production for the PlayStation Portable – is due out this summer, and is being developed by the team behind the Dynasty Warriors series, Omega...

  • News God of War: Ascension's Demo Slays the PSN on 26th February

    Blood lust

    God of War: Ascension’s gruesome single-player demo will slash its way onto the PlayStation Network on 26th February in North America, the Gods have declared. European warriors will presumably have to wait until 27th February to get their gory mitts on the gameplay teaser. If you’re participating in the title’s Rise of the...

  • News Dead Space 3's Demo Has Been Dismembered Two Million Times

    Must be something in the air

    It looks like that blast of Phil Collins has done the trick for Dead Space 3. Chuffed publisher EA Games has announced that the title’s recently released demo has already been downloaded by almost two million people across multiple platforms, which represents a ten per cent increase over


  • News Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Demo Sneaks onto PS Plus

    Not a sound

    Living up to its namesake with perfect precision, a demo for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time has sneaked onto the North American PlayStation Store. It’s actually been there for much of the week, but in true ninja fashion, we’ve only just spotted it. You’ll need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber to download the sampler, though we’re...

  • News God of War: Ascension Gifts Early Access to The Last of Us' Demo

    Let the bodies hit the floor

    Sony’s dialling up the death count to absurd proportions this March, by including early admission to The Last of Us’ gameplay demo with copies of the upcoming God of War: Ascension. Those of you with strong enough stomachs will be able to access the bloodshed courtesy of an icon included on the prequel’s main menu...

  • News God of War: Ascension's Single-Player Demo Rages in February

    Off the chain

    With the excellent multiplayer beta racing to a brutal climax, Sony is finally starting to focus its attention on God of War: Ascension’s hotly anticipated solo campaign. But while yesterday’s brief teaser trailer provided us with our very first taste of some of the title’s set-pieces, the publisher is promising that there’s...

  • News Metal Gear Rising Demo Serves Sweet Revengeance Next Week

    A cut above

    The long awaited demo for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will finally chop the PlayStation Network into tiny little pieces on 22nd January, developer Platinum Games has announced. It’s the same gameplay teaser that was originally included with copies of the Zone of the Enders HD Collection last year. You can read our thoughts on the...


  • News Dead Space 3 Demo Deploys the Horror from 22nd January

    Death by dismemberment

    A playable demo for Visceral Games’ upcoming space horror sequel Dead Space 3 will crawl onto the PlayStation Network from 22nd January, publisher EA Games has announced. The short sampler will allow you to get a taste for the title’s controversial co-op mode, thrusting you “into deep space terror unwilling hero –...

  • News Metal Gear Rising Readies Its Revengeance Next Month

    Holding out for a hero

    A super stylish demo for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will chop the PlayStation Network into pieces next month, publisher Konami has announced. The swashbuckling short is the same snippet that was included with copies of the Zone of the Enders HD Collection in November. The demo is already available in Japan, but is...

  • News Ni No Kuni Demo Travels to North American PSN This Week

    Ocean drive

    Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch will endeavour to warm your cockles this week, when a demo for the delightful PlayStation 3 exclusive boards the North American PlayStation Store. The gameplay teaser was confirmed as part of a PlayStation Blog post, but there’s no word on whether the sampler will sail to European shores. We’ve...


  • News SEGA Punches a Yakuza 5 Demo onto the PSN Next Week

    Heat action

    Kazuma Kiryu and crew will spring back into life next week, when a demo for Yakuza 5 fights its way onto the Japanese PlayStation Store. The playable teaser – set for release on 27th November – will allow you to sample the game’s opening moments, letting you roam the streets of Fukuoka as the aforementioned Dragon of Dojima. The...

  • News Devil May Cry Demo Destroys PlayStation 3 Next Week

    Soul crushing

    Devil May Cry fans will be able to throw yet another hissy fit next week, when a demo for Ninja Theory’s conflicted reboot slashes its way onto the PlayStation Store. Frustrated followers will be able to flip over Dante’s hair colour on 20th November in North America, and 21st November in Europe. We can confirm that punching your...


  • News God of War Demo Ascends Alongside Total Recall Blu-ray

    Cross marketing

    Those of you that snap up the Director’s Cut edition of Total Recall on Blu-ray will be invited to play the epic God of War: Ascension single-player demo from E3 earlier this year. The movie itself will feature 20 minutes of bonus footage not shown in theatres, in addition to an alternate ending and over 1.5 hours of special...

  • News 2K Games Deploys XCOM: Enemy Unknown Demo Today

    Brains in gear

    Those of you with an eye for the intricacies of futuristic warfare may be excited to learn that a demo for XCOM: Enemy Unknown is poised to arrive on the PlayStation Network in North America later today. European tacticians will have an extra 24 hours to swot up on Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, when the playable teaser targets overseas...


  • News Metal Gear Rising Demo Includes Free Copy of ZoE HD

    Couldn't resist

    We know it’s the oldest “joke” in the book, but we still remember when people purchased the original Zone of the Enders just to play the demo for Metal Gear Solid 2. As such, it’s funny that the visually re-mastered Zone of the Enders HD still can’t seem to escape from the shadow of Kojima Productions’ other more popular...

  • News A Ridiculous Amount of People Have Played FIFA 13's Demo

    Back of the net

    If you live in North America, you might be shielded from the popularity of football (or soccer as it’s more commonly known on your shores) – but make no mistake, it’s a religion in some parts of the world. That’s evidenced by the sheer amount of gamers that hurried to download FIFA 13’s demo, which released on PSN earlier...

  • News FIFA 13 Demo Dribbles onto the PlayStation Store This Week

    Annual obsession

    England’s World Cup qualifier against Ukraine isn’t the only noteworthy football-related event set to take place tomorrow evening – publisher EA Games has also announced that it will be launching a FIFA 13 demo on the PlayStation Store between 22:00PM and 02:00AM UK time. The demo will include AC Milan, Arsenal, Borussia...


  • News Become Entranced With Dyad's PSN Demo

    Dig out your tie-dyes and lava lamps

    Get into the groove with ][ Games' latest psychedelic experience, Dyad, now available to try for yourself on the PSN store. The first five levels will be accessible during the demo, but be careful, you might just get hooked. The PlayStation Plus discount for the game will also be continuing this week, so grab it...


  • News Prepare Yourself for War with Sniper Elite V2's Demo

    Pull the trigger

    Publisher 505 Games has confirmed that it will release a demo for Rebellion’s upcoming Sniper Elite V2. The short sampler will launch at some point this month ahead of the game’s full release in May. It’s unclear what the demo will include, but we’re expecting a mission or two from the final game. Remember, if you pre-order...


  • News Yakuza: Black Panther 2 Demo Drops in Japan

    Like a dragon

    SEGA’s released a demo for Yakuza’s second PlayStation Portable spin-off, Yakuza: Black Panther 2, in Japan. The demo, which is exclusive to Famitsu for the time being, features four components, including a sample of the game’s story mode, a chunk of hub-world Osaka to explore, a battle tutorial and a taste of the game’s...


  • News Embrace the Cold with SSX Demo Next Week


    SSX creative director, Todd Batty, has revealed that a demo for the divisive snowboarding reboot will drop onto the PlayStation Store next week. Download the taster and you’ll get to sample four events as character Zoe. Encourage a friend to check out the demo and you’ll also unlock access to a second character called Mac. The full...

  • News Ready Your PlayStation Move Controller for Gal Gun

    Demo drops today

    Remember the curious PlayStation Move powered pheromone shooter we told you about last week? That’s right – Gal Gun. Well we figured we’d remind you that today is the day you can finally get a grip on the game’s Japanese demo. You’ll need a Japanese PlayStation Network account to get in on the steamy action, but that can...

  • News Celebrate Valentine's Day the Right Way with Gal Gun

    Forever alone

    If you’ve not got much planned this Valentine’s Day, then perhaps you might be tempted to check out Inti Creates’ bonkers PlayStation Move powered pheromone shooter, Gal Gun. The developer’s cheekily scheduled a demo for the perve-em-up to coincide with the most romantic day of the year, and assuming you’ve got a Japanese...