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  • News Atlus Dismantles Hopes of Demon's Souls 2 on PS4

    Don't rule it out just yet, though

    From Software’s cult action role-playing game Demon’s Souls followed a more arduous path onto the PlayStation 3 than the characters depicted in its maddeningly masochistic campaign. Published by Sony in Japan, the platform holder actually passed on a Western release – a mistake which Worldwide Studios...








  • News Demon's Souls Gets An Exclusive UK Trailer

    Demon's Souls is finally coming to the UK

    The innovative exclusive RPG has been privy to enormous viral exposure since it launched in the US - a refreshing nod that players do still care about experiences rather than marketing. And due to the splash the game has caused in the US, it's finally going to hit the UK next month. Check out the trailer for some footage and review anecdotes. We actually..




  • News Demon's Souls 2 Teased For Fall Release In Japan

    Demon's Souls is officially the hardest game ever

    Probably. And it looks like it's set to get a sequel in Japan this Fall, according to comments made by Dengeki magazine on their podcast. There's still no mention of a European release for the original Demon's Souls, which has gone on to become something of a sleeper hit in the US since Atlus ported it late last year. A Demon's Souls 2 would..


  • News More Copies Of Demon's Souls Being Prepared

    Good word spreads fast, and despite being completely niche to the point where this is one of the first pieces we've written on PushSquare about Atlus' Demon's Souls -- it's actually becoming one of the Playstation 3's most important exclusives of the year

    Positive word of mouth has been the key to much of Demon's Souls success thus far — word of mouth that has caused the game to become almost..

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