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    Review Omega Quintet

    Poor first gig

    It often feels like there are two contrasting ways to critique these anime-esque Japanese role-playing games. Do you rate it expecting readers to have intricate pre-existing knowledge of the tropes and experience that they're signing up for, considering that the vast majority with any potential interest will? Or do you discard this...








  • News Could This Be PlayStation Vita's Sauciest Game Yet?

    Probably not safe for work

    Compile Heart’s no stranger to bringing supposedly sexy content to the PlayStation Vita. Monster Monpiece, its previous release for the portable platform, saw you rubbing the system's front and back touch panels in suggestive back and forth motions in order to pleasure the flustered anime ladies on screen – but the...




  • News Rub Pretty Ladies with Compile Heart's Latest Vita Game

    Subtle as a brick

    You might not want to play Compile Heart’s latest PlayStation Vita title on the train. The so-called card game – entitled Monster Monpiece – sees you rubbing the system’s front and rear touch panels like... Well, we’ll leave that to your imagination. The full title will feature 40 different virtual girls to grope, each...


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