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  • News Battlefield 4 Artwork Braves a Torrential Downpour

    A soggy glance at DICE's upcoming shooter

    Embedded above is your very first look at Battlefield 4 ahead of its full reveal at GDC next week. The image – uncovered by seasoned snoops All Games Beta – looks remarkably similar to Battlefield 3 artwork, but the big four in the centre of t

  • News Sony Pours Beautiful New Rain Artwork Online

    Wet and wonderful

    Rain’s announcement left us dripping with anticipation at GamesCom last year, but publisher Sony has failed to drench us with much additional information in the months since. However, a new page on the platform holder’s official website has at least washed up some new artwork, which looks suitably overcast in the best...


  • News What Are the Protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V Looking At?

    Curiosity killed the cat

    Rockstar Games is almost ready to release the final box art for Grand Theft Auto V – but it’s eager to tease you with a few more sketches in the meantime. This brand new artwork – lovingly labelled ‘The Trunk’ – shows the title’s trio of lead characters leaning over a Tornado’s open hatch. The big question...



  • News Before Altair, Assassin's Creed Starred a Woman

    Girl power

    Ubisoft has released a mass of early concept art for the Assassin’s Creed series. The images – which date back to the title’s origins back in 2004 – show a number of twists on the franchise's now established format. One image, for example, shows a woman kitted out in similar robes to final protagonist Altair. Another image shows...


  • News SEGA Lets Off a Round of House of the Dead Screenshots


    The unflinchingly gory House of the Dead: Overkill — Extended Cut is shambling towards Move later this year, and SEGA has sent over a revolver barrel's worth of new screenshots to celebrate. The shiny new 720p screenshots and pleasingly grindhouse-like artwork and box art show Headstrong is improving pretty much everything that was good...

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