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  • News Slant Six Announces Strata Scavenger

    Next on the agenda

    With Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City done and dusted, former SOCOM developer Slant Six is turning its attention to its first new intellectual property. Named Strata Scavenger, the currently platform-less title is due out in 2013. The company explained: Though we’re keeping this one close to our collective chests, we can...

  • News Sony Confirms Ratchet & Clank Collection for PS3

    Locked and loaded

    Following on from our report earlier this evening, Sony has confirmed that the Ratchet & Clank Collection is coming to PlayStation 3. The game will arrive on 16th May in Europe as the Ratchet & Clank Trilogy. North American gamers will be made to wait until the Fall. Insomniac Games’ Ted Price explained: I know it’s a...

  • News Freemium Gundam Shooter Blasting onto PSN

    Complimentary chaos

    The free-to-play market is blowing up in PC and mobile sectors, but it’s still yet to really take off on consoles. Sony’s hoping to change that, by commissioning content such as Free Realms and the upcoming DUST 514 – and it looks as though other publishers are finally starting to take notice. Namco Bandai has announced...

  • News Super Monkey Balls Rolls onto PlayStation Vita in June


    The latest entry in SEGA’s premium primate puzzler Super Monkey Ball is set to spin onto Japanese PS Vitas on 14th June, the publisher has announced. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz promises to revisit the classic gameplay formula from previous titles, in addition to adding motion controls, rear touch pad features, wireless two-player co-op,...

  • News Idiot Squad Mixes Chu Chu Rocket with Madness

    Sheep shape

    Idiot Squad does not look like a game that was designed for idiots. Hydravision’s latest PlayStation Mini takes the grid-based shepherding of Chu Chu Rocket and makes it overtly complicated. It all looks rather fun though. Your objective is to control three different sheep classes around grid puzzles using a limited selection of...

  • News Crytek Teases "Absolutely Fantastic" Announcement

    Tears of joy

    Crytek is gearing up to announce an “absolutely fantastic” new title next month, general manager Nick Button-Brown has announced. Brown wouldn’t elaborate on the title itself, but it’s rumoured to be a sequel to the much loved TimeSplitters series. He told CVG: We still want to deliver the highest quality that we can, wherever...

  • News Avalanche Studios to Unveil New Game at E3

    Just 'cause

    Avalanche Studios is getting ready to raise the curtain on its next title, studio founder Christopher Sundberg has revealed. The title – due to be announced at E3 – will not be a sequel to Renegade Ops or Just Cause, opting to try something new. While the game will be based on a license – widely believed to be Mad Max – Sundberg...

  • News Phantasy Star Online 2 Confirmed for PS Vita

    Pioneer 2

    SEGA's revealed that it's bringing Phantasy Star Online 2 to PlayStation Vita. The sequel to the Dreamcast original was announced last year for PC, but as part of today's Game Heaven promotional event SEGA's confirmed it'll come to Vita in 2013. The game also looks like it'll support cross-platform play with PC gamers, as the video below...

  • News Quantic Dream to Showcase New Tech Demo Tonight


    Quantic Dream will give us the first glimpse of its next game on tonight. Studio co-founder David Cage will debut a brand new tech demo as part of an hour long session at GDC this evening, but will follow immediately with the footage in addition to insight from Cage himself. Set your alarm clocks to 22:30PM GMT if...

  • News Plastic Officially Announces Datura for PlayStation Move

    Experimental narrative

    As anticipated, Polish studio Plastic has lifted the lid on its curious PlayStation Move title, Datura. The game – which is set to release exclusively on the PlayStation Network later this year – promises to use Sony’s motion wand in an “innovative way”. Plastic’s Michal Staniszewski explained: Finding yourself in...

  • News Mysterious PS Move Title Datura to Debut at GDC

    No longer lingering in the shadows

    After months of speculation, Polish developer Plastic is finally about to raise the curtain on its mysterious PlayStation Move title, Datura. Writing on its website, the developer said: We will be showcasing “Datura” at Sony’s booth. Everything is packed and prepared so see you there! More info and a...

  • News Assassin's Creed III Using New Engine Technology

    Ubisoft's "most ambitious" project to date

    If you haven’t already seen Ubisoft’s debut Assassin’s Creed III trailer, go watch it now – we’ll wait. All done? Good, then we’ll continue. Outside of the trailer, Ubisoft’s also revealed a handful of details about the game. According to the French publisher, it is the “most ambitious”...

  • News Virtua Fighter's Akira to Appear in Dead or Alive 5


    It would appear publishers can’t release a fighting game without a cameo of some kind. Dead or Alive 5 is the latest tile to jump on the crossover bandwagon, with Virtua Fighter mascot Akira Yuki set to join the roster. Team Ninja’s Yosuke Hayashi said: Gamers will have an opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable battle with an esteemed...

  • News Persona 4 Arena Bursting onto PS3

    Rebel one

    Atlus has confirmed that Persona 4 Arena – formally known as Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena – is heading to PS3 in North America this August. The title – developed in collaboration with Blazblue developer Arc System Works – promises to take the popular Persona universe and transform it into “one of the most unique...

  • News Stan Lee to Feature in The Amazing Spider-Man

    Playable pensioner

    89-year-old comic book god Stan Lee is to cameo as a playable character in Beenox’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man movie tie-in. The Spider-Man creator confirmed the news himself during an awkward interview with Addict of Fiction at the London Super Comic Convention. Exactly how Lee will be integrated remains to be seen, but...

  • News Sony to Announce New PS Vita Titles Next Week

    Get hype

    If you’re anything like us, you’re still struggling to make it through PlayStation Vita’s massive launch line-up. But there’s more to come. Sony has announced that it is to stream an online event next Friday (9th March), which promises to play host to several new PlayStation Vita announcements. In addition to new games, there’ll...


  • News Zone of the Enders HD Confirmed for Autumn

    At last

    Kojima Productions has finally attached a more specific release date to its Zone of the Enders HD Collection for PlayStation 3. The title – which previously carried the vague “2012” release date – is now due out in the Autumn. Unfortunately, the window doesn’t extend to the previously announced PS Vita version of the same game. For...

  • News Aksys Confirms Zero Escape for PS Vita

    There's no need for an escape plan

    The sort-of sequel to popular Nintendo DS title, 999, is coming to PlayStation Vita later this year as Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. The game – which is being localised by Aksys – will feature dual language support, meaning you can enjoy the title in English or Japanese. It’ll also boast multiple...

  • News Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition Confirmed

    A real gem

    Capcom’s announced a special edition for the European release of bonkers crossover brawler Street Fighter X Tekken. The package contains a copy of the game, an awesome arcade cabinet money box, 45 in-game gem power-ups, a prequel comic and an art book. The limited edition package is available to pre-order now from the usual retailers,...

  • News Shoot Many Robots from 13th March

    You know you want to

    Bad news for robots: Demiurge’s PlayStation Network shoot-a-thon, Shoot Many Robots, is set to arrive on the PlayStation Network on 13th March for $9.99. European robots will have an extra day to steel themselves for shutdown, when the Ubisoft published title arrives on 14th March overseas. Like its name so candidly suggests,...

  • News Medal of Honor Warfighter is Out in October

    Not the best subtitle

    EA will release the next instalment in its Medal of Honor series in October. The publisher confirmed Medal of Honor Warfighter is on the way to PS3 later this year, with a full reveal expected at Game Developer Conference in early March. Medal of Honor's campaign was developed by Danger Close while multiplayer was handled by...

  • News Pre-order Mass Effect 3 from PSN for Exclusive Goodies

    Finish the fight digitally

    Mass Effect 3’s officially marking the transition into multiplatform series with a release day PlayStation Network release. Sony and BioWare’s announced that the upcoming sequel is available to pre-order from the PlayStation Store now. Plump up for the digital release and you’ll scoop the exclusive M55 Argus rifle...

  • News WWE WrestleFest Chokeslams PSN This Year

    Coin-op classic

    THQ’s announced that an update of the legitimately brilliant arcade wrestling title, WWF WrestleFest, is headed to the PlayStation Network later this year. Renamed WWE WrestleFest, the update promises upgraded visuals, a contemporary fighter roster, multiplayer, downloadable content and Road to WrestleMania progression play...

  • News SF X Tekken Brings Crossover Chaos to Vita This Fall

    12 additional characters on the cards

    Capcom’s confirmed that the PlayStation Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken won’t make it out alongside its PlayStation 3 counterpart next month, opting to wait in the sidelines until the Fall. Despite the delay, fans can look forward to a significantly boosted roster, with 12 additional characters...

  • News A-Men Marches onto PlayStation Vita in Time for Launch

    Amen to that

    The PlayStation Vita’s launch line-up is already bulging at the seams, but apparently there’s still room for a little one in the collection. Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, Bloober Team has revealed A-Men, a retro title that will sate your “cravings for tactical play”. The game’s inspired by retro titles such as Lemmings,...

  • News StarDrone Extreme Spins onto the PS Vita in March

    Zero gravity

    Memorable PlayStation 3 downloadable, StarDrone, is to make the jump onto PlayStation Vita next month with cross-game compatibility, exclusive levels and touch-screen controls. The handheld release — dubbed StarDrone Extreme — will allow you to share progress with the PlayStation 3 version, while also boasting unified leaderboards...

  • News Girl Fight Sounds Alright

    This is progress

    Girl Fight is guaranteed to do gangbusters when it karate kicks the PlayStation Network in high-heels later this year. The Microprose (remember those guys?) and Kung Fu Factory developed arcade brawler promises, and we quote, “a unique all-female, fast-paced spin on arcade-style fighting games”. Sounds... awesome? Published by...

  • News Sony Officially Acknowledges LittleBigPlanet Karting


    Sony’s finally popped the hood on “Play Create Share” racer, LittleBigPlanet Karting, after the title was leaked earlier in the week. Speaking on Twitter, the platform holder confirmed that the game is in development and that we should expect more information on the release soon. It’s still unclear who’s developing...

  • News FuturLab's Velocity Teleports into the Limelight

    Neutrino speed is too slow

    We wished we could teleport. Seriously, just think of the advantages: easily escaping the dull English weather for a day in the sun; never having to wait on a dingy train platform again; avoiding attacks from an intergalactic fleet of fierce foragers... Wait a minute. While teleportation might not be a reality in...

  • News Wheels of Destruction Wreaks Havoc on the PlayStation Store

    Killer wheels

    You wait ten years for a new car combat title and then three come along at once. Joining Twisted Metal and Smash ‘N’ Survive is Gelid Games’ Wheels of Destruction: World Tour, an “arcade-style car combat shooter set in a post-apocalyptic Earth”. Gelid promises vehicular carnage across five of the “most dangerous” European...

  • News Activision Announces Battleship Movie Tie-in

    You sunk my Battleship

    It’s news to us, but apparently Milton Bradley’s classic guessing game, Battleship, is to be transformed into a blockbuster movie. Weird, right? Unsurprisingly, Activision has a video game tie-in planned. Silent Hill: Homecoming developer, Double Helix, has been dumped on development duties, and is promising to combine aspects of the board game with first-person shooter..

  • News Square Enix Officially Unveils Sleeping Dogs

    No sign of Kane & Lynch

    Following reports that spilled out of Destination PlayStation last night, Square Enix has lifted the lid on Sleeping Dogs – the project formerly known as True Crime: Hong Kong. Those of you with strong memories will recall Activision publicly cancelling the United Front Games developed open-world adventure last year, only for it to get snapped up by Square Enix a few..

  • News LittleBigPlanet Karting is Real After All

    Box car racer

    When rumours hit about a potential LittleBigPlanet Karting game overnight, we didn’t know what to think. We assumed United Front Games’ ModNation Racers had already covered Sony’s desire for a creation themed racer on the PlayStation 3, and, as such, weren’t expecting a second lap set in Sackboy’s make-do world. But that’s...

  • News Skylanders Giants Features Giant Skylanders

    Pure and simple

    After the enormous success of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure last year, it's no surprise Activision is preparing more outings. The publisher just revealed Skylanders Giants today, and while it's compatible with all the toys from its predecessor it has a few tricks up its sleeve. For starters, the toys aren't just giant in name only:...

  • News The Last of Us to Grace Game Informer's March Edition

    Doing the rounds

    The Last of Us’ Joel and Ellie are gaming royalty at the moment. Not content with multiple cover appearances in the UK, the mismatched duo have also been confirmed for the cover of Game Informer's March issue. The magazine promises new details on the Naughty Dog exclusive, as well as interviews with the development team and more...


  • News Quadratum Mortis is a Brand New Move Fighting Game

    Details inside

    Turkish studio Lamagama recently revealed its next project: a Move-enabled fighting game called Quadratum Mortis. The sword-and-shield fighter supports two Move controllers, with your character automatically facing his opponent in one-on-one battles. One Move handles the sword while the other is your shield, with movement handled...

  • News Rising Star Games Brings Rune Factory: Oceans to Europe

    Hoe down

    Rune Factory: Oceans — known as Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny in North America — is coming to Europe in 2012 courtesy of Rising Star Games. The Move-enabled farming title is down for a Q2 release in the publisher's latest schedule. Interestingly RSG isn't bringing over the Wii version, which is all-but identical. You can read our Rune...

  • News Go for Gold with London 2012 Olympics on Move

    Starter's orders

    SEGA's London 2012 — The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games — whew — will support PlayStation Move, the publisher has announced. The press release makes it sound like not all events will be support, which could mean a pleasingly low level of waggle controls, but there will be a Move-exclusive 25m rapid fire pistol event,...

  • News Vita Engages in Mortal Kombat this Spring

    Bloody hell

    Your fondness for decapitations can continue on the move, as Mortal Kombat is due to land on PS Vita in Spring 2012. Following up on 2011's successful PS3 entry, the Vita version maintains its HD cousin's X-ray moves, 2D fighting and lengthy story mode, with Warner Bros. promising Vita-exclusive features that we'll hear more about in the...

  • News Netflix is Coming to PS Vita

    Ready your queue

    Sony's executive deputy president Kaz Hirai took to the stage at CES today to announce that Netflix will be bringing its video streaming service to PlayStation Vita in the United States. Hirai added that Netflix is aiming to have the app ready for the system's launch come 22nd February. It's unclear whether Europe will see the app...

  • News AT&T Reveals US 3G Data Plans for PS Vita

    No contract required

    AT&T announced at CES today that it will offer two data plans tor 3G PS Vita owners in the United States. For $14.99, users will recieve 250MB of monthly data , while $25 (not $24.99, oddly) will net you a 2GB monthly limit. Best of all, there's no contract. The wireless carrier also announced that users will receive a free...





  • News Cabela's Adventure Camp Is Fun for the Whole Family

    Better than Space Camp?

    When the name Cabela's comes to mind, what's the first thought that crosses you mind? For us it sparks thoughts things like: Big Game Hunting, Dangerous Hunts, arctic survival and even merchandise stores packed to the brim with hunting and fishing apparel too. But, a sports compilations mix that features PlaySta

  • News Cabela's Survival Lurks in the Shadows of Katmai

    Danger ahead

    Last year’s Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 release was one of the more surprising PlayStation Move titles. We never would’ve guessed that the game would have offered a deep storyline and survival horror styled gameplay, but that’s exactly what we got. Top it off with a smart PlayStation Move integration that functioned better...

  • News Ninja Gaiden Sigma Slices to Vita

    With exclusive control options too

    Ninja Gaiden moved into the 3D world when it launched on the Xbox in 2004. Staying true to its 2D side-scrolling roots, the game was difficulty was through the roof, but yet a deep fighting engine reminiscent of Team Ninja’s Dead or Alive series gave those willing to perfect the intricacies of this games engine a...

  • News Sony Santa Monica Staffing Up For New IP

    God Of War developer -- and support team across many PlayStation projects -- Sony Santa Monica is staffing up in preperation for a new "unannounced IP"

    The news comes courtesy of a job posting on Gamasutra, requesting the services of a level designer with "experience in designing or contributing to the development of an open world game". No other clues were given. Seeing as Sony Santa..

  • News Winter Stars Aims to Test Your Move Skills

    An enjoyable sports collection, or complete waggle fest?

    It’s been a year now since the PlayStation Move launch title Sports Champions released, and we’re quite surprised that a multitude of sports compilation titles haven’t released this past year to try and capitalise on its success. Well, that’s about to change as Winter Stars is headed...

  • News Lumines Returns to Beat Up PlayStation Vita

    Hip to be square

    Original PSP launch title Lumines was one of the best reasons to own Sony's first-time portable console: a unique blend of music and puzzle, the good news is it's returning to Vita in the form of Lumines for PS Vita. Produced by original developers Q Entertainment, Lumines on Vita will add social functions allowing you to see how...

  • News The PixelJunk Series Will Make You Move

    Get the party started

    Q-Games' fantastic PixelJunk series has played a major role in bringing PSN to life. Titles like PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Shooter are instantly familiar to most PS3 gamers: not only do they boast superb gameplay quality, but with each new title they somehow manage to also bring an addictive gameplay style that entirely...

  • News Max and the Magic Marker Moves to PSN

    A delightful doodler

    The indie title Max and the Magic Marker has generally received high marks all-around on the Wii, DS and PC: our sister site Nintendo Life reviewed the WiiWare version of the game at an above average score of 8 out of 10. This colourful physics-based platformer allows you to draw objects with the pointer controls, or "magic...

  • News PS Vita Gets Tales of Innocence R

    Mystery "Tales of" title revealed

    Namco Bandai teased us earlier this month with the promise of a PS Vita Tales of game, and is making good on the gesture by officially unveiling Tales of Innocence R for PS Vita. The "R" in the title may as well stand for "re-imagining," as the game will be a complete revamp of the original DS...

  • News Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Confirmed for Vita, New Screens

    Ghost Rider in your pocket

    The PS Vita is turning out to be quite the home for fighting games. On top of BlazBlue and Street Fighter X Tekken making their way to the system, Capcom has also confirmed that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be crossing over to PS Vita as well. This latest edition of the game adds 12 new characters to the mix,...

  • News Tokyo Game Show 2011: The PlayStation Headlines So Far

    The Tokyo Game Show is go, with Sony already holding its big coming out party

    The general consensus from the video game community was one of disappointment — while Sony's been announcing PlayStation Vita titles left right and centre for the past couple of months, the lack of any real megatons was a real blow. Many were expecting Monster Hunter,...

  • News Super Monkey Ball Rolls On To PS Vita

    Of course.

    SEGA have today announced that the latest title in the popular Super Monkey Ball series is coming exclusively to the PS Vita early in 2012. With PS Vita's Sixaxis system this announcement comes as no great surprise, it's a perfect match for Super Monkey Ball. The puzzling primates return with all-new worlds, original mini-games and...


  • News Japan's PS3 Game Malicious Coming to Vita

    Boss battles galore

    End bosses make up much of our favourite video game moments, so a title like Malicious — which is composed almost entirely of boss battles — certainly piques our interest. The game is already out in Japan as a downloadable PS3 title, but will be making its way to Vita as well. The game currently sells for a mere 800 Yen...

  • News SEGA Confirms Sonic CD For PlayStation Network

    SEGA's formally announced that Sonic CD will be getting a re-release on the PlayStation Network this Winter

    When the game showed up on an official XBOX 360 blog earlier in the week, we were worried that Microsoft had pulled some exclusivity shenanigans. Thankfully that's not the case. Sonic CD is widely considered one of the greatest games in the...

  • News In Tales from Space, Mutant Blobs Attack

    They can't help it

    Developer DrinkBox Studios just spread the word of its new Vita title Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, which will be shown off at the Penny Arcade Expo due to kick off any minute now. The team didn't give much away about the game other than it's a sequel to pleasing PSN puzzle platformer Tales from Space: About a Blob, and...

  • News Escape Plan Trailer Can't Escape the Internet

    Captured for your pleasure

    Sony has got an all-new game for the PS Vita straight out of Gamescom, and by the looks of it, Escape Plan is one of the more stylised and puzzling titles making its way to the system. The game has players guiding two differently proportioned protagonists, Lil and Laarg, through a variety of dangerous rooms. Players use...

  • News Sony Spraypaints 'Tag' Trailer Into Real World

    Time to start a gang

    Sony already introduced us to Reality Fighter, its first-party augmented reality game for PS Vita, but now they are taking to the streets to give us Tag, a graffiti-sim title that lets you "tag" real world environments using the system's camera. Basically you design a tag using the touch screen, save it, and then go...

  • News Ninja Gaiden 3 Unsheathes Full PlayStation Move Support

    Move over Greater Fiend

    It’s has been rumoured here at Movemodo for quite some time, but an unexpected email from Tecmo Koei stealthily slipped into our email inboxes today and confirmed that the upcoming release of Ninja Gaiden 3 will release with full PlayStation Move support. Team NINJA’s leader Yosuke Hayashi stated: NINJA GAIDEN 3 is all...

  • News Ubisoft Confirms Assassin's Creed and Lumines for PS Vita

    Plus four more titles

    Ubisoft confirmed today that it is bringing a total of six more games to the PlayStation Vita. The titles include a portable port of its upcoming Rayman Origins game, an Asphalt game, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance and a Vita version of Michael Jackson: The Experience. Most interesting is the confirmation of Assassin's Creed, and an...

  • News Mad Blocker Moving to PS Move

    PSP Mini goes HD

    Mad Blocker Alpha, a PSP Mini puzzle game where you have to arrange a series of falling blocks to match four or more colors to eliminate blocks, is getting an HD update in the form of Mad Blocker HD. The game, releasing on PS Vita and PlayStation Move, is an HD port of the Mini original. But fresh new graphics aren't the only thing...

  • News Mad Blocker HD Descends Onto PS Vita

    PSP mini gets an upgrade

    Mad Blocker Alpha is a PSP Mini puzzle game where you have to arrange a series of falling blocks to match colors and make them disappear. So is Mad Blocker HD. The game, releasing on PS Vita and PlayStation Move, is an HD port of the Mini original, but fresh new graphics aren't the only thing this updated puzzler is...

  • News These Modern Songs are In Get Up and Dance

    Music the kids will like

    The most important part of any dancing game isn't how stupid you look while playing it — the answer there is always "very" — but the songs you'll be shaking your hind quarters to. O-Games has put out a list of some of the modern songs you'll be able to dance to in its upcoming Get Up and Dance when it launches...

  • News EA Brings Grand Slam Tennis 2 to Move Centre Court

    Ready to take the crown?

    So far we've seen some decent attempts at PlayStation Move tennis games, but neither Virtua Tennis 4 nor Top Spin 4 quite hit the mark. Now EA Sports is hoping to get in the game with Grand Slam Tennis 2. The newly announced game continues from Grand Slam Tennis on Wii by including licensed tournaments including Wimbledon...

  • News Disgaea 3 Returns to PlayStation Vita

    You can really be the hero

    Nippon Ichi's acclaimed RPG series Disgaea has been a PlayStation staple for years, and that's set to continue as the company has announced it's bringing Disgaea 3 Return to the portable. The game will be an improved conversion of the PS3 original, and even includes all the downloadable content preloaded on the game card...



  • News Take Up Arms Again with Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012

    Those animals just aren't staying dead

    Having conquered the wild beasts in Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011, budding hunters will get the chance to shoot some more animals in Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012, out this September. Using PlayStation Move or the Top Shot Elite gun that came packaged with the previous release, players can engage in new...

  • News Tintin is Coming to PlayStation Move

    Start preparing your quiff

    Here's something that may have passed you by at E3: Ubisoft's Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn game will arrive this year with PlayStation Move support. From the sounds of the official announcement, the Move controls will be implemented into the main adventure rather than coming as extra minigames, so you...

  • News Sony Steps Back Into the Groove with DanceStar Party

    Like SingStar, with a few differences

    Last year's SingStar Dance wasn't a bad first effort at a Move-controlled dancing game, but the controller's capable of far more, so it's good news that Sony's London Studio is having a crack at a dedicated dancing title with DanceStar Party. The studio behind SingStar is dropping the singing component to...

  • News SEGA Confirms Four More Vita Titles

    Plus a new IP

    SEGA of Europe and SEGA of America CEO Mike Hayes has revealed that the company is preparing four additional titles for the PS Vita. This comes on top of the news that the company is releasing Virtua Tennis 4 as a Vita launch title. SEGA says one these four Vita games will be an all new IP from the company. Our line-up features all...

  • News SEGA Serves Up Virtua Tennis 4 on PS Vita

    Ready for launch

    SEGA's Virtua Tennis franchise has been through multiple iterations since its 1999 arcade debut, going from coin-op to home consoles to portable handhelds. The series has thrice been a launch title on PlayStation platforms, and now SEGA says it's bringing back the original development team for a revamped port of Virtua Tennis 4 for...

  • News Take a Trip to the Carnival Island with Move

    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

    2K's Carnival Games series has been a runaway success, emerging on Wii before the surprisingly enjoyable Carnival Games: In Action on Kinect. It seems "imitation is the highest form of flattery" is the thinking in Sony's camp, as the company announced Carnival Island for Move yesterday. The family-oriented...

  • E3 2011 Sony Press Conference Recap, Here's What You Missed

    While a little rough in places, Sony's E3 press conference was clearly all about strength in depth

    After a fairly lop-sided showing from Microsoft earlier in the afternoon, Sony's showing felt much more balanced and pointed firmly towards the traditional gamer. While PlayStation Move was in full attendance, demonstrations ranged from the casual-friendly to the achingly hardcore. New PlayStation 3..

  • News Zindagi's New Game is Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest

    Puns ahoy!

    It's not the Sports Champions sequel we were expecting, but Zindagi's new game looks to be an entertaining outing in its own right. Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest has been dubbed an "action adventure shooter", covering most bases in one deft stroke, but from the press release it sounds like a cross between Medievil and the...

  • News Bioshock Infinite Includes PlayStation Move Support

    Ready to Rapture?

    Ken Levine is the mastermind behind the world heralded by gamers across the world known simply as ‘Rapture’ in the BioShock series. Stepping into the dark undersea city of Rapture for the first time was truly a moment that we’ll never forget; inhabitant’s that utilise strange powers, Big Daddies and Little Sisters,...

  • News Capcom Bringing Street Fighter X Tekken to Vita

    Along with Cole MacGrath

    Capcom's upcoming franchise-melding brawler, Street Fighter X Tekken is about to get one more franchise thrown into the mix. Announced by Capcom's Yoshino Ono during Sony's E3 presentation, it was revealed that exclusive to the PlayStation versions of the game would be an extra playable character — InFAMOUS' Cole MacGrath!...

  • News Social Action RPG Ruin Coming to PlayStation Vita

    Fully integrates with PS3

    One of the most interesting features of the PlayStation Vita is its ability to offer a seamless gaming experience across platforms with the help of cloud saving. Ruin, a new action RPG titles announced by Sony today at E3, takes full advantage of this feature, allowing players to connect to the game's online world from...

  • News PlayStation NGP Officially Renamed PS Vita

    Rebrand complete

    Sony has officially renamed the PlayStation NGP the PS Vita, confirming earlier rumours that Sony's upcoming handheld was due for a rebranding. Sony announced the official name during their E3 press conference today. Sony noted that the proper pronunciation of the new name is "Vee-tah," and that the name was chosen because...

  • E3 2011 Remember To Follow Us On Twitter For Full Reaction To Sony's E3 Press Conference

    Just a heads-up: remember to follow us on Twitter for our moment-to-moment reaction of everything announced during Sony's press conference

    The show is set to start shortly, and you can catch a live-stream of the entire event through here. We're as much a part of the PlayStation community as you guys, so we want to be there with you for every shock,...

  • News Look Out, Just Dance 3 is Coming to PlayStation Move

    Ready to conquer the living room

    Ubisoft just hit with the first big PlayStation Move game of E3 — Just Dance 3 is on the way to Sony's motion controller on 11th October. The game is also coming to Kinect and Wii, but while the press release mentions exclusive features for those consoles it doesn't specify anything for PlayStation Move. Hopefully...

  • News Adidas and THQ Limber Up for miCoach

    Get fit with the stars

    It's surprising it's taken sports brand Adidas so long to get into the fitness gaming business, but it's taking its first step into the lucrative world with miCoach on PlayStation Move later this year. Rather than a generic fitness title, the game aims to help improve your performance in real sports situations: tennis,...

  • News Winter Stars to Shine on Move Later this Year

    Deep Silver lining up sports compilation

    Sports Champions has a decidedly summery feel to it, and so far fans of cold sports have hardly been well catered-for on Move, with wave after wave of sunny simulations. That injustice ends later this year, with Winter Stars from Deep Silver. The winter sports compilation covers 11 disciplines: paraskiing,...

  • News Konami Announces New Silent Hill Game for NGP

    Titled "Book of Memories"

    Konami just released an almost hour long video providing sneak peaks to much of its upcoming E3 content, featuring new info on games like NeverDead, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D for the Nintendo 3DS, and Silent Hill: Downpour. While discussing the Silent Hill franchise, they also dropped a quick mention of Silent Hill:...

  • News Hustle Kings' Camera, Touch and Motion Controls Detailed

    Rack 'em up

    The PS Blog continues with the onslaught of NGP updates, this time focusing on the new control schemes at work in the latest handheld version of their billiard franchise Hustle Kings. While the game still allows you to use the analog stick to fire, you can also touch the screen to grab the cue and drag it back to take your shot. There is...

  • News Reality Fighters Gets First Screens

    Put your dukes up

    Reality Fighters had yet to be "officially" announced until today, but briefly appeared in the initial montage of NGP games Sony put together shortly after announcing the handheld. While that momentary glimpse offered little more than a peak, these new screen offer up more aspects about the title, like the different...

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