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  • News Oh Sure, We Could Go For Some More Soul Calibur

    Soul Calibur gaffer Daishi Odashima has teased the announcement of a new title in the fighting game franchise

    Writing on Twitter, the series stalwart noted that "hopefully" he will be able to announce something in "mid May". Aside from a respectful PSP release, Soul Calibur has been deadly quiet since SCIV released in 2008. It'd be nice to see the fast-paced 3D brawler make a..

  • News Bloober Team Working on NGP Launch Title

    What's cooking?

    Bloober Team, the developer responsible for the charming Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder on the PSN says it is currently developing a launch title for the NGP. The studio was also responsible for the tactical PSP Mini Future Fight. Let’s hope this NGP title comes along quicker than Bloober Team's "Zombies on a Plane” horror title...

  • News Ubisoft Lets Europe Dance with Mel B in May

    Scary returns to Move

    Last year's fitness title Get Fit with Mel B may well have sparked gamers' interest in former Scary Spice Mel B, as Let's Dance with Mel B is making a Move in May. Interestingly the original fitness title was published by Black Bean Interactive, but the grooving game has been picked up by mega publisher Ubisoft for release...

  • News EyePet Returns to PlayStation Move With a Friend in Tow

    Two eggs are better than one

    The adorable creature from EyePet: Move Edition is on its way back to PlayStation 3 later this year, as Sony has announced the sequel EyePet & Friends. The biggest change in the game is the addition of a second pet to play with, with Sony promising the two will be able to interact with each other and form bonds...

  • News Get Fighting Fit with UFC Personal Trainer in June

    No more punching above your weight

    Move gamers probably worked up enough of a sweat in The Fight: Lights Out, but those who wants an even more intense workout might want to keep their eyes on UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System, due for Move in June 2011. Taking the popular mixed martial arts and turning it into an exercise game, UFC...






  • News Dynasty Warriors 7 Built for Move and Stereoscopic 3D

    Resistance is feudal

    With Japan only just receiving PlayStation Move a month after the Western world, it's just received a second helping of good news with the announcement from Tecmo Koei that Dynasty Warriors 7 will support the new motion controller. Speaking at a news conference in Japan, the game's producer Akihiro Suzuki confirmed that the next...





  • News Capcom Are Readying A Whopping Great Big April Announcement

    When we think "whopping great big announcement" and Capcom, we think: "FIDDLESTICKS THIS IS GOING TO BE RESIDENT EVIL 6 ISN'T IT?

    " Is no-one else in the same boat? Awesomely, the announcement has come via the US-arm of the Playstation Blog (yay, Capcom still love Playstation), from the firm's John Diamonon, who said in the comments, “Oh, one other thing. I’ll be back in April for a huge..

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