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  • News Reality Fighters Gets First Screens

    Put your dukes up

    Reality Fighters had yet to be "officially" announced until today, but briefly appeared in the initial montage of NGP games Sony put together shortly after announcing the handheld. While that momentary glimpse offered little more than a peak, these new screen offer up more aspects about the title, like the different...

  • News Megaton of Little Deviants Screenshots Hit the Web

    Cuteness overload

    While we already had a tiny taste of Little Deviants thanks to this handy trailer, we were only offered brief glimpses of gameplay before being shoved back into the proverbial dark. But Sony has finally decided to shed some light, doling out fresh new screens of the game in action. In the updated gallery below, you'll get a taste...

  • News New Super Stardust Game Headed To NGP

    First screens ahead!

    The Super Stardust series currently has two games available on the PlayStation Network: Super Stardust HD for the PS3, and Super Stardust Portable for the PSP. Now the series is making the jump to the NGP (AKA Vita) in the form of Super Stardust Delta. Details on the title are still slim at this point, but Sony says the game...

  • News Uncharted: Golden Abyss Officially Revealed, New Screens

    And a video!

    Sony released a lot of details surrounding its portable Uncharted game today, including its official name, unique control schemes and some fresh in-game screenshots. Now known as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, this latest installment in the franchise retains the same heavy focus on platforming and gunplay while adding new gameplay elements...

  • News O-Games Wants You to Get Up and Dance

    More dancing on the Move

    Had enough of Wii and PlayStation Move dancing games yet? We hope not, as O-Games has just announced Get Up and Dance, coming to PS3 later this year. The new game from the publishers of John Daly's ProStroke Golf will support up to 8 players in various party modes, including Tug of War, Last Man Standing and a good...



  • News Oh Sure, We Could Go For Some More Soul Calibur

    Soul Calibur gaffer Daishi Odashima has teased the announcement of a new title in the fighting game franchise

    Writing on Twitter, the series stalwart noted that "hopefully" he will be able to announce something in "mid May". Aside from a respectful PSP release, Soul Calibur has been deadly quiet since SCIV released in 2008. It'd be nice to see the fast-paced 3D brawler make a..

  • News Bloober Team Working on NGP Launch Title

    What's cooking?

    Bloober Team, the developer responsible for the charming Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder on the PSN says it is currently developing a launch title for the NGP. The studio was also responsible for the tactical PSP Mini Future Fight. Let’s hope this NGP title comes along quicker than Bloober Team's "Zombies on a Plane” horror title...

  • News Ubisoft Lets Europe Dance with Mel B in May

    Scary returns to Move

    Last year's fitness title Get Fit with Mel B may well have sparked gamers' interest in former Scary Spice Mel B, as Let's Dance with Mel B is making a Move in May. Interestingly the original fitness title was published by Black Bean Interactive, but the grooving game has been picked up by mega publisher Ubisoft for release...

  • News EyePet Returns to PlayStation Move With a Friend in Tow

    Two eggs are better than one

    The adorable creature from EyePet: Move Edition is on its way back to PlayStation 3 later this year, as Sony has announced the sequel EyePet & Friends. The biggest change in the game is the addition of a second pet to play with, with Sony promising the two will be able to interact with each other and form bonds...

  • News Get Fighting Fit with UFC Personal Trainer in June

    No more punching above your weight

    Move gamers probably worked up enough of a sweat in The Fight: Lights Out, but those who wants an even more intense workout might want to keep their eyes on UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System, due for Move in June 2011. Taking the popular mixed martial arts and turning it into an exercise game, UFC...






  • News Dynasty Warriors 7 Built for Move and Stereoscopic 3D

    Resistance is feudal

    With Japan only just receiving PlayStation Move a month after the Western world, it's just received a second helping of good news with the announcement from Tecmo Koei that Dynasty Warriors 7 will support the new motion controller. Speaking at a news conference in Japan, the game's producer Akihiro Suzuki confirmed that the next...





  • News Capcom Are Readying A Whopping Great Big April Announcement

    When we think "whopping great big announcement" and Capcom, we think: "FIDDLESTICKS THIS IS GOING TO BE RESIDENT EVIL 6 ISN'T IT?

    " Is no-one else in the same boat? Awesomely, the announcement has come via the US-arm of the Playstation Blog (yay, Capcom still love Playstation), from the firm's John Diamonon, who said in the comments, “Oh, one other thing. I’ll be back in April for a huge..

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