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    Review Moonlighter

    Fame and fortune

    It's pretty difficult to be original these days, and in some ways, Moonlighter could be seen as rather derivative. Rogue-lite dungeon crawling, management sims, pixel art action RPGs -- we see these all the time nowadays, but this game's trick is smashing them all together. The result is a title you'll feel like you've played...

  • News Moonlighter's New Trailer Tells You Everything You Need to Know About the Action RPG

    By the light of the moon

    Moonlighter's out on PlayStation 4 in just a few days, but if you're not quite sure what Digital Sun's incredibly promising title's all about, we'd recommend giving its latest trailer a watch. It goes over all the main points of the title, from the dungeon crawling to the shopkeeping and everything in between. If...





  • News The Kids Aren't Alright in This War of Mine PS4

    Keep it together for the kids

    Well, that was a pleasant surprise. The Kids Aren't Alright was the last song that we were expecting to hear when we booted up the trailer for This War of Mine: Little Ones, but we suppose that The Offspring's classic pop punk single fits pretty darn well. Based upon 11 Bit Studios' survival smash, this game will put...