One thing we can be confident of: Days Gone has awesome menus. We haven’t waxed lyrical about a title’s user interface since the hazy days of Persona 5, but Sony Bend’s upcoming open world survival horror does have a pretty nifty pause screen. You can bring it up by pushing the touchpad or by swiping in one of four directions, each corresponding to a different component.

Much like Horizon: Zero Dawn, the menus run at 60 frames-per-second, so everything feels slick and smooth. You can obviously browse the map, but there’s also a storyline segment which keeps track of the title’s various plot threads, as well as the obligatory skill tree and a section for your inventory, where you can keep tabs on various items that you’ve gathered while out and about.

Days Gone Menus PS4 PlayStation 4 1

It’s all lovingly put together, with neat transitions between tabs, and little flourishes that feed into the overall style of the game. Obviously the menus all come secondary to the core gameplay loop and storyline, but the UI is just another example of how much love and care has been invested into this project. It really does feel extremely polished.

Do you like a game with a nice menu screen? What do you think of Days Gone’s UI based on what you’ve seen? Browse the comments section and let us know.