Carmageddon Thq Nordic

Carmageddon, also known as that PSone game with the mental looking bald guy on the cover, has been snapped up by THQ Nordic. That's Carmageddon the property, not a single copy of the PSone title, just to be clear.

It's the latest in a long string of acquisitions by the publisher, which has been buying old or dormant properties for quite some time now. It's nabbed Kingdoms of Amalur and Alone in the Dark just to name a couple, while also jumping on developers such as Bugbear Entertainment. THQ Nordic has been busy to say the least, but it's a plan that's apparently been making the publisher a lot of money.

There are no details on what the company plans on doing with Carmageddon yet, but it's interesting to think about all of these properties just sitting under THQ Nordic's umbrella.

Do you remember Carmageddon? Did you know that a Carmageddon game launched on PS4 in 2016? Because we totally forgot -- and it's probably a good job that we did. In any case, floor it in the comments section below.