Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered PS4 PlayStation 4

Earlier today, we reported that THQ Nordic had purchased Bugbear Entertainment, developer of Wreckfest and the FlatOut games. This, along with Goat Simulator studio Coffee Stain, is the latest in an extremely aggressive phase of acquiring independent publishers and developers, and as it turns out, the strategy is paying off.

The company's earnings show a year-on-year net sales increase of 1,403 per cent for the last three-month period. The publisher claims that this significant growth is thanks to its acquisition of Koch Media and Deep Silver. Sales from these companies amounted to $27.6 million, but THQ Nordic's own titles, such as Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered, helped rake in a further $13.6 million.

It's pretty amazing to think that THQ more or less went under not so long ago, and now they've reincarnated, and are back in business. Having purchased a lot of IPs over the year - including TimeSplitters, which it's actively working on - it seems like it's going from strength to strength, and isn't slowing down. CEO Lars Wingefors has said that THQ Nordic has 55 games in development, only 20 of which have been announced, so expect to see the publisher pop up quite a bit in future.

What do you think of THQ Nordic's turnaround, and focus on buying up development studios? Take a guess about those 35 unannounced games in the comments below.