Tekken 7 has been out for a good few months now, but the game hasn't really been adjusted or added to all that much since launch. We've had a few relatively minor updates as well as the Ultimate Tekken Bowl downloadable content, but it's safe to say that some fans were hoping for a bit more. Returning characters are always a hot topic, as are new game modes.

However, according to creative director Katsuhiro Harada, bringing additional content to the title isn't easy. We asked Harada whether there are plans in place for more playable characters, but sadly, he didn't seem all that optimistic. "I understand that people want to see returning characters implemented to the game but it is not so simple," he tells us. "If you just made all of the same characters from the past instalments you are going to have people who say, 'there is nothing new, give me new characters'. If you then take all the characters you’ve ever made and then put them in one game with the addition of new characters, it will be too much. For Tekken Tag 2 this was a problem that occurred," he explains.

Harada continues: "If you have a game which only has 5 characters, it won’t be difficult to learn because you only have to learn to fight against only five characters. What about a game with 50 characters? Many different players say that they want to see returning characters but also want the game to be accessible. This is not a simple problem and we struggle to figure the optimal number of characters for a fighting game to keep it accessible."

It sounds like the Tekken team have a bit of a dilemma on their hands, and Harada admits that it's "still something I struggle with".

If you were looking forward to the return of Lei Wulong and other fan favourites, you should probably temper your expectations. Going by what Harada said, nothing's been decided yet, but it's not looking especially promising, is it? As always, though, we'll have to wait and see how things pan out.

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You can read our full interview with Harada-san by clicking through here.