The sandbox environments of the first Destiny were perhaps one of its most stunted aspects. Billed as large, open areas that begged to be explored, they quite quickly outlived their usefulness as you began to find better loot and rewards by playing through the game's other activities.

With Destiny 2, Bungie is trying to make these sandbox maps more engaging across the board, and judging from the gameplay that we've embedded above, the developer may have done a good job. The footage, captured by channel PPE PL, shows off the European Deadzone - a location that the studio says is the biggest it's ever crafted. We get a look at patrol missions, public events, and general exploration. Again, it looks like an improvement over what its predecessor offered.

Are you looking forward to the patrols and public events of Destiny 2? Does this gameplay look good to you? Gather your fellow Guardians in the comments section below.

Update: Unfortunately, it looks like the video's been taken down, so we assume it was uploaded without consent. The fact that footage exists suggests that we could be nearing the end of some kind of embargo, however.