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Tue 12th May 2015

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mrobinson91 commented on Destiny's Next Big Update Is Due In Spring:

@gmxs I can almost assure you that with the current tools in Destiny...matchmaking would be a bad experience for players.

I'm not against the idea, but it needs to be implemented correctly for it to give players a good experience. I don't believe we'll see a good implementation in Destiny (1).



mrobinson91 commented on Talking Point: Has Holiday 2016 Devalued New G...:

I certainly won't be in a rush to buy many games new any more...partly due to the incredible price drops we've seen this holiday period, but also due to feeling like games are in a better state a month of so after launch.

Saying that...I actually rent games and it's only £11 a month so the big AAA titles don't really cost me much to play anyway.



mrobinson91 commented on Poll: Does The Last Guardian Dazzle After a De...:

So after 8 hours of trying to play this "modern masterpiece" I decided to stop playing. I tried so hard to like it as the relationship between boy and Trico is special, but ultimately the gameplay was a big let down. I spent more times frustrated at the controls, camera and annoying AI than I did marveling at it's greatest moments.

The game looks great but runs terribly in most sections struggling to hit 30fps. This doesn't really bother me but was noticeable.

I'm glad some people have enjoyed it, but the gameplay just isn't good enough for me to consider this a masterpiece.



mrobinson91 commented on So, There's This Kinda Crazy The Last of Us 2 ...:

I saw people speculating that as soon as the trailer dropped but I just can't see it to be honest. I'd probably be disappointed if they decided to go this route, considering the relationship between the 2 characters is what I loved about the game. The more I think about it, the more I dislike the idea actually.



mrobinson91 commented on Poll: Are You Buying Final Fantasy XV?:

I've got it preordered but I think I'm fortunate that I don't really have the same "10 year" expectation others have. I'm pretty sure it'll be a decent game with a beautiful world so looking forward to it

I hope others can calm their expectations a little



mrobinson91 commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Finally Gets a Proper T...:

Well that was a bit....meh.

Not that I was expecting it to blow me away, but that's done nothing for me at all. Felt the same about the RDR2 trailer to be fair. The trailer won't impact whether I end up getting the game though.



mrobinson91 commented on Soapbox: Skyrim Still Has Plenty to Offer Five...:

Interesting article written from a different perspective to mine. I never really played Skyrim when it came out but absolutely loved TW3.

I'm playing Skyrim now and, surprisingly, I think it's fantastic. It offers something quite different to The Witcher, and whilst it has it's faults (combat, inventory, menus) it's a charming game that I can just get lost in!



mrobinson91 commented on Game of the Month: Top 4 PlayStation Games of ...:

@SoCoSensi420 Just to play devils advocate, you've said DQ:B is just another minecraft ripoff with a new skin, and then suggested that a remaster should deserve some praise.

DQ:B is much more than a reskin of Minecraft and is super fun and enjoyable.

All entitled to our opinions though



mrobinson91 commented on Round Up: Dragon Quest Builders Reviews Are Of...:

I was undecided about the game but tried the demo and loved it. Nice to see reviews who've spent more time with the game are still enjoying it. I'll be buying based on the demo but it's good to see the scores are good too so far



mrobinson91 commented on PS4 Slim Sales Off to a Slow Start in the UK:

@fybyfyby only problem I can see with bundling everything together is how that cost is perceived by consumers. £350 Pro, £350 PSVR, £70 Move controller, £50 PsCamera...that bundle is going to be £700+ and maybe they don't want a product on the market for that much



mrobinson91 commented on Hands On: Is Dragon Quest Builders Spades Bett...:

I wasn't too sure about whether I'd be interested in this but after playing the demo I'm totally sold. Looks great, addictive gameplay and most of all it was lots of fun!

@Feena Vita version isn't getting a physical release in the West but there is an English version being made that can be imported from various websites. (play-asia).



mrobinson91 commented on Hands On: Could Horizon: Zero Dawn Be Sony's N...:

This game is 100% buy for me, looks really good. I'm not going in with the idea it's going to be GOTY (that's reserved for Persona 5), but I think it'll be good.

I have to say I wasn't impressed with it running in 4K and actually didn't like the look of it at all on the monitor they had at EGX. Saying that I don't have a PS4 Pro or 4K TV so I don't really care, it'll look great on my OG PS4 too:)



mrobinson91 commented on 16 Minutes of Mafia III Gameplay Outlines Stea...:

I watched this at EGX on the big screen but it didn't help me decide if I want the game of not. Like you say in the article, the cutscenes and setting seem to tell a great story but the gameplay doesn't look anything special. I was hoping for a hands on at EGX to help me decide.



mrobinson91 commented on First Impressions: PS4 Pro Represents a Sizeab...:

Having also seen Horizon running on the 4K screen at EGX, I actually didn't like it. It looked extremely garish and actually turned me off being interested the PS4 Pro. I then saw Horizon running on the normal screens/PS4 and thought it look better.



mrobinson91 commented on Poll: What Do You Think of Destiny: Rise of Iron?:

It's pretty good. Feels like a bit of a step back since TTK but I don't mind really. It doesn't feel at the moment like it has that much content to offer, even once you beat the 2 hours story. With regards the story it's always a shame that they have such potential but within 2 hours you go from being introduced to the threat to having completed it and become an Iron Lord.

Archon Forge is a mess in my bad compared to CoO.

Fortunately for Destiny it's still a fantastic game and it's gameplay loop is so enjoyable that I can let things slide and enjoy the content. Looking forward to playing over the next month and hopefully completing the Raid



mrobinson91 commented on Review: Assetto Corsa (PS4):

Comment section on this is brilliant. I love how angry people get about game reviews sometimes.

@kyleforrester87 Sims isn't about building houses? It's a game about finding the most interesting way to kill your Sims isn't it? Oh...maybe that was just me.



mrobinson91 commented on Soapbox: Why Sony Needs to Change Its Refund P...:

Most physical stores have the same refund policy on games...if the seal is broken they can't be returned if faulty. I do understand it can be frustrating, but when I buy a game I buy it knowing I'm taking a small risk it might be crap. We have a big community of gamers/reviews etc that we can go to before buying a game.



mrobinson91 commented on Review: Inside (PS4):

I enjoyed it but don't see it as a 10/10 (have no issues with you giving it one though).

The ending was a bit rubbish in my opinion and I don't quite think it's the masterpiece it's being touted as. I do think it's a great game but didn't think it offered anything new and I've preferred other platformers considerably more. Still worth playing though.

EDIT: Thought I'd say something positive...the atmosphere and art design are brilliant.



mrobinson91 commented on Feature: Three Reasons Why Sonic Mania on PS4 ...:

Decided to play Sonic 2 this weekend (megadrive version) and I have to say I really enjoyed it! I was quite young at the time so don't think I ever actually beat it! I'm aiming to beat it for the first time in a few weeks