In an age of multi-gigabyte launch day patches, Horizon: Zero Dawn is bucking the trend: Guerrilla Games has announced that the role-playing release will have a day one update of just 250MB. Details pertaining to what the update will include remain underwraps for the time being, but it's likely to be your usual roster of bug fixes and minor balance tweaks.

For those wondering why the outing needs a patch at all, it's perhaps worth remembering that the title went gold a fair few weeks ago, so the team at Guerrilla Games has had plenty of time to iron out any minor issues in the interim. And at just 250MB, even a slow Internet connection won't delay your date with Aloy too long.

Update: Turns out we already covered this one. This is new territory for Push Square. Do we delete the duplicate? It's probably too late for that. It remains as a mark of shame.