Okay, we know that most of you reading this aren't children, but we thought that this official PlayStation colouring book was worth pointing out. Cleverly titled 'Art for the Players', the paperback released yesterday, and it's currently available over on Amazon UK.

The book features blank pictures of PlayStation characters such as Nathan Drake, Ratchet, the wanderer from Journey, Kratos, and Sackboy. We could see this being an especially nice stocking filler for kids this Christmas, but hey, even we're considering getting a copy for the office so that Sammy can show off his supreme felt tip techniques.

Are you a fan of slightly strange PlayStation merchandise such as this? Again, you can click through here to purchase a copy, but we need to point out that wemay use affiliate links which earn us commission should you checkout on any products you like. This helps us keep Push Square ticking.

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