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Weirdness: No, Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 Is Definitely Not Free

Posted by Sammy Barker

Wouldn't it be nice?

The trio of seedy leads in Grand Theft Auto V love to embark on dodgy get rich quick schemes, but even they’d have the nous to know that Sony’s made a bit of a blunder on the North American PlayStation Store today. The next-gen re-release of Rockstar Games’ sandbox opus is currently showing in the digital plaza's pre-order category – but its promotional banner lists a distinctly incorrect fee of, er, free.

While it’s been possible to take advantage of these pricing gaffes in the past, this very much appears to be the case of a misplaced icon, as clicking on it returns an error message. An angry Trevor is probably making his way to Sony’s lavish Foster City headquarters as we type, ready to issue the pain on whoever made the mistake in the first place. Either that, or we’ve been reading way too much Los Santos fan fiction.


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SecondServing said:

I can't wait for GTA V next gen!

Playing Watch_Dogs made me realize how much better GTA V is...I miss it. I hope the next gen version gets rid of those atrocious loading times!



Azikira said:

I still haven't gotten around to Watch_Dogs, but I hear it's decent enough.



Dodoo said:

@Azikira Personally I think WD is really good and surpassed my expectations after all the negativity it received.

I think the ridiculous levels of hype the game had before release made peoples expectations unrealistically high so ultimately disappointed them. I have sunk 50+ hours into it and still want more, it's a fun game...

I just hope when I replay GTA 5 on PS4 that it doesn't seem a bit empty with nothing to hack as I drive/walk around!

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