It might have dropped under the radar of many gamers, but Raven's Cry is shaping up to be a pretty special take on the theme of pirates pillaging the highways of the sea. Developed by Reality Pump Studios and to be published by TopWare Interactive, the game is coming to current-gen systems and PC this year — and it has just been confirmed that a PS4 edition is also hitting retail.

Reality Pump CEO Tadeusz Zuber has been speaking to Red Bull about the forthcoming action title, and stresses that the PS4 edition won't just benefit from nicer visuals when compared to current-gen offerings:

With today’s technology, just having a better looking game isn’t enough. Players on next gen consoles will be getting additional content, in addition to better visuals. We’re coming up with some surprises, that’s for sure.

Could this title fill the void in your life left after completing Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag? It's certainly shaping up nicely, and the PS4 version should give next-gen owners something to look forward to.