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Live: Watch the Japanese PS4 Launch Livestream Right Here

Posted by Sammy Barker

One night in Tokyo

Japan may be the last major territory to net the PlayStation 4, but that doesn’t make the console’s release any less important. To celebrate the system’s imminent arrival in its home nation, the platform holder is putting on a launch livestream today direct from the Sony Building in Ginza, Tokyo. The show will play host to a number of SCE executives, in addition to a handful of game creators such as Hideo Kojima.

And you’ll be able to watch the broadcast in its entirety courtesy of the video box embedded below. The event’s set to start at 22:30PM JST (13:30PM GMT/08:30AM EST/05:30AM PST), and will run right through until the system’s official release at midnight. Are you planning to tune into the show? Are you hoping for any last minute announcements? Take your front row seat in the comments section.


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Jaz007 said:

I can understand Playstation 4 and the cheering, but that's about it.



rjejr said:

Why would anybody watch this? Is Frieza going to be there?

So what's the expected # of PS4 sales this week? Japan seems to be the one country that is very good at reporting sales figures for both consoles adn games on a weekly basis and I'm one of those weird people who can only tell if something is good or not based on expectations. So if it is supposed to sell 1mil but it sells 500k thats bad. If it is supposed to sell 100k but sells 500k thats good. A sell thru # would be nice but I'm just expecting 100% on that this week. Even the Vita TV sold out 1st week but has been selling like the Xbox360 since. I expect PS4 to sell thru for quite awhile though, I'm really just interested in the total # I guess.



rjejr said:

@get2sammyb - Thank you Mr. Barker.

So I guess after this it leaves the X1 and Wii U behind for all time then? Though I am still really interested to see how it sells in March. I'm guessing well enough.



readyletsgo said:

@rjejr @divinelite cant wait to find out the sales next wednesday too! The Wii U will be left behind for a few weeks and I would think the Vita will pick up a few sales along with the PS4.

Wonder if the 3DS will see a big drop in sales as that has been KING in Japan for nearly a year now.

The poor Wii U

Whats an Xbone?



rjejr said:

@readyletsgo - "The Wii U will be left behind for a few weeks"

Few = 206 weeks, 4 years minus the 2 weeks MK8 and SSB release.

4 years should be when the Unity Fusion 3DU portable console thing releases.

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