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Touching Sony Spot Shows a Glimpse of PS4 Title DriveClub

Posted by Sammy Barker

Be moved

During his engaging CES 2014 keynote last week, Sony overlord Kaz Hirai discussed some of the Japanese manufacturer’s biggest success stories and greatest failures. The overarching theme of his message was that in order to innovate in the electronics space, you must first make a few mistakes. It’s important, however, to not let those errors bring you down, but to learn from them and to keep trying.

This brand new trailer shows off a number of upcoming gizmos, each of which the organisation hopes will ‘move’ its user base. One of those new gadgets is the PlayStation 4, which is represented heartily during the video. Perhaps most interesting, though, is that the console is demoed alongside next-gen racer DriveClub, which appears to be drifting closer to release. Only this weekend we reported that the game had been rated by the ESRB, for example.

In all, it’s quite a touching clip, which highlights just how many different sectors the firm has an active role in. To be honest, we’re not convinced that there are going to be many people clamouring for an underwater Walkman, but like the abovementioned executive says, you’ve got to make the odd gaffe in order to truly overhaul the electronics industry.


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eliotgballade said:

nice video , (that could have so easily been cheesey) with decent music .
Q: why is there a pac-man ghost on the driveClub cars bumper ?
(the car itself looks like the one in Road Avenger)



k_andersen said:

What a terrific commercial! I don't even really know why I found it so moving, but I did. Also, DriveClub is looking as stunning as ever.

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