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The Last of Us: Left Behind Will Be a Lengthy Adventure, Says Naughty Dog

Posted by Kell Andersen

A long and winding road

If, like us, you absolutely adored Naughty Dog's survival horror opus The Last of Us, you're no doubt sitting precariously on the edge of a full body hype explosion in anticipation for its impending DLC, Left Behind. And while we're certain that your nearest and dearest aren't particularly interested in cleaning up the remnants of that level of excitement, we're unfortunately obliged to bring you this latest batch of news surrounding the hotly anticipated add-on anyway.

A few days ago, the California-based studio released two videos on the PlayStation Blog that divulged some interesting new details in regards to the incoming content. What's more, the company's community strategist Eric Monacelli stuck around in the comments section to answer some fan questions, and his remarks were quite revealing.

Firstly, he stressed that the new story would be a fairly long odyssey, stating: "Length is good. Depends on how good you are and what difficulty you’re playing the DLC at, really." Even more exciting than this morsel, though, is the confirmation that new original music has been composed to accompany the action. We're guessing that the original game's score was just a little too depressing for the add-on's purportedly happy-go-lucky tone.

Hopefully you didn't buy the title's Season Pass thinking you'd be in for a surfeit of solo sneakery, however, because it seems that you'll be sorely disappointed. "There’s multiplayer DLC up next. We don’t have any more single player DLC planned," Monacelli stated, dashing any and all hopes for a side story in which Joel fights off a horde of killer aliens. That said, we're beginning to think that we're the only ones that want an extra-terrestrial excursion. Do you plan on picking up this lengthy add-on, or will you leave it behind? Craft a smoke bomb in the comments section below.


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Epic said:

I think this is how all the DLC should be done, not giving consumers just few map packs or selling costume skins.
This is a complete sidestory, a new chapter, new characters and maybe new even new mechanics, I would gladly pay for the 15$ if it weren't for the fact I returned my friend his copy of the TLOU.
I may rant on a thread of all this DLC scam the next time it makes me angry.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@Epic agreed. Dlc always seemed to me like mostly trash. This is the first time I've regretted not holding onto a game. If it ever comes out on PS plus then I'd be happy to pay extra for the dlc.



Splat said:

"We don’t have any more single player DLC planned."

Sad face.



charlesnarles said:

@Splat it's okay, they just mean it'll be in the actual sequel. "Length is good" and "depends on difficulty and skill" aren't very comforting to hear, but TLOU isn't for rushing through anyways. He really means "be all pro, take your time, and experience everything"



Tuturoopa said:

Super excited for this, stinks it's the only single player DLC but it sounds like it will be great



m42orca said:

When was the last time a multi-player game or DLC ended up as Game of The Year? Can you count the number of titles that were multi-player only that had a huge game experience that scared you or left you thinking about the characters? I can't. Thing is, gaming, real gaming, is all about the single player experience, and IF you can build a good single player experience, then multi-player becomes a possibility, otherwise I bet there would be little interest. Remember RAGE? Yea, didn't work. Guess why? Without it you have only a hub that has little or not story, no foundation, and no point. I am glad the DLC is single player only. It should be. TLOU is not a Call of Duty frag fest or a Halo clan pan. It's a story about survival, about horror, and about people, characters that you come to love or hate and it's about experiencing a life outside of your own that's rich and full of things to think about. That's why we remember these games, why they get Game of The Year Awards, why we can't wait for more DLC.

It doesn't stink it's only single player. It's a blessing it's not another random unmemorable multi-player shooter void.

Take my money. Please.



Gamer83 said:

Bought the season pass knowing full well it'd probably only have one SP episode. That's fine as long as it's a good add-on and until I'm given reason to believe otherwise, I expect the team has delivered on that. Also, all of ND needs to be moved onto PS4 now anyway it's time to go forward not live in the past.



KelticDevil said:

I have no idea what these people who run these companies are doing. I love Naughty Dog's games, but they have completely blew it in terms of DLC for their games up to this point. How many people would've loved to see some Uncharted single player DLC? And now we are getting only ONE TLOU story based DLC? Ridiculous.

This generation's obsession with multi-player gaming and the companies that want to make a quick buck based on that is beyond annoying. But these companies don't seem to learn that single player, story based DLC can make a lot of money too. Look at all the pub that BioShock Infinite got when it released 'Burial At Sea'. Or when Skyrim released Dawnguard & Dragonborn.

The problem is that single player DLC, especially story based, takes EFFORT to make. Slapping a map pack on PSN and charging $15 for it is so much easier for these companies. And as long as people keep scooping up these map packs, companies will keep prioritizing them over good story DLC.



Swinny said:

From the very beginning DLC was suppose to prolong the life of our games, it appears that Naughty Dog is getting this right, like very few have.

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