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Thank the Nine, The Elder Scrolls Online Doesn't Require a PlayStation Plus Subscription

Posted by Joey Thurmond

But Xbox One fans may Fus Ro Dah in rage

There's next to no reason why you shouldn't benefit from the superfluous amount of free games and discounts that PlayStation Plus offers on a weekly basis, but if you're intending to purchase the subscription for the sake of playing The Elder Scrolls Online, hold on just one minute – Zenimax Online Studios has confirmed that signing up to Sony's popular service won't be necessary.

Over on the European PlayStation Blog earlier today, game director Mat Firor answered a series of selected questions asked by the community regarding the game. One of the first pondered whether you'd need two subscriptions to play the title, to which the developer responded: "A PlayStation Plus membership is not required to play The Elder Scrolls Online. PS4 players will only be required to pay the same monthly subscription associated with The Elder Scrolls Online that PC and Mac users will pay – nothing more."

However, this raised the question as to whether or not this will be the case with the Xbox One version of the game. Game Informer contacted Bethesda with this query, and a representative confirmed that "Xbox One users will need an Xbox Gold subscription". This may prove to be an inconvenience to some that planned on buying the Xbox One version but can't afford the premium service, so you could say that the MMO has a slight one-up in this area on Sony's console.

Other questions touched upon the game's servers, which will, much to the disappointment of many, be region-based, meaning that North American and European users will be split, for example. PC players will also be separated from the PS4 user base. To see more answers to more questions – including queries regarding the DualShock 4's touchpad integration – check out the PlayStation Blog.

Does The Elder Scrolls Online make you shout for joy with your Thu'um, or are you not interested in exploring the entirety of Tamriel this June? Do you think that the MMO will make for a good console port, and how do you feel about paying a monthly subscription for it? Band together and quest yourself silly in the comments section below.


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At this point though, perhaps those (crazy people?) without Plus are new to Planet PlayStation, so haven't really been able to really appreciate what a great deal Plus is?



JaxonH said:

Um, not really interested. But I am glad to see this trend of not needing 2 subscriptions. That would be utterly ridiculous. Buy the console. Buy the game. Buy internet service. Buy PS Plus. Buy game subscription... that's like FIVE purchases just to experience the game.

I would like all games to be available without a paywall, barring MMO's of course. If Destiny requires a PS Plus subscription, I won't buy it. And I think it's going to, according to the beta disclaimer when Amazon had it listed.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Unless you only have a ps4 and no other PS products perhaps its not so great at the moment but otherwise its an awesome service.



YashaStepanovic said:

don't have the time/money to shell out for another MMO (already a lifetime subscriber to Star Trek Online), but nice to hear that it's an option for those that don't want to pay for PS+ (as crazy as that idea is), as for Microsoft still requiring it... typical Microsoft paywalling, since Netflix is even behind the pay wall on Xbox



Munkyknuts said:

I don't play well with others...I prefer my adventuring solo so I'm not fussed by the game. Good news for those who are looking forward to the game but it's not for me.



artemisthemp said:

I ain't dispointed by the fact that, EU and US will have different server (common in MMO), but PC and Console gamers not playing on the same server is dispoitng.



Chris1975 said:

Best news today is that the servers will be split in my opinion, no more pre teen american boys shout bitch and ho and shut the f**k up every two minutes.

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