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Streetkix Freestyle Aims to Kick the PSP Back into Life

Posted by Sammy Barker

Having a ball

It may no longer be Sony’s flagship handheld format, but that’s not stopping the PlayStation Portable from securing some new software this week. Set to launch tomorrow on the North American iteration of the PlayStation Store, Brazilian developer Ilusis Interactive’s sporty rhythm game Streetkix Freestyle promises a fusion of footy and dance. Teensy budgets aside, it actually looks like a pretty meaty experience to boot.

As detailed on the studio’s official website, the title sees you play as an intrepid ball boy who aims to become the best freestyler in town. The release has a light role-playing element, which will see you exploring various neighbourhoods – controlled by different gangs – and showcasing your juggling skills to various tracks. There are even Rock Band and Fruit Ninja-esque minigames to add to the variety.

Alright, it doesn’t exactly have the visuals of a blockbuster, but we reckon that there are some good ideas in here. It’s nice to see the PSP continuing to enjoy some support outside of Japan, even if it is for a relatively simple title such as this. Are you willing to play ball with this release? Do a backflip in the comments section below.


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Cloud7794 said:

Well this is unexpected... it had seemed most of the world had forgotten about PSP.



belmont said:

Seems PSP still sells in some developing countries and enjoys a lot of new content in Japan. Since Square ignored Type-0 the only next major PSP release I am aware of is Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter. Is being localized by xseed. The last retail game till now is Pro 2014.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

A little odd. Its a bit like ea releasing fifa14 on ps2, I was amazed that games are still being produced for the ps2.

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