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PS4 Means More Than Just Games To This Sony Executive

Posted by Sammy Barker

Do not underestimate the passion of PlayStation

Console launches can prove emotional periods for the executives who’ve worked tirelessly to bring the various devices to market – and that much was true in South Korea earlier this week where one Sony suit shed a few tears on-stage at a PlayStation 4 launch event. Shiro Kawauchi, the head of SCE Korea, was overwhelmed by the support shown by fans and started to choke up during his speech.

Earlier this week, we reported on a couple who had decided to queue up several days before the system’s release in order to demonstrate their nation’s passion for PlayStation – and it seems that the abovementioned executive was touched by such stories. “I truly thank you for coming out today in this cold weather,” he told the crowd in his native Japanese, before turning his hand to a spot of Korean. “I love you all. Please show your love for PS4 as well. Thank you.”

As Kotaku reports, the story’s particularly poignant due to the poor relations between South Korea and Japan, as well as the general lack of interest in consoles in the region. Those of you that follow Starcraft will know that PC gaming actually rules the roost in the nation, so to see such a positive response to the PS4 must be heartwarming. You can watch the moving moment from around 55:00 in the video uploaded through here.


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SimonAdebisi said:

I'll watch the crying man before I go to bed later on tonight. I had no idea south Koreans and Japanese didn't get on, how odd.



divinelite said:

Really jealous seeing Sony of each country is loved by gamers...

While in my country, I'm confident 9th January we will launch ps4 without anyone in line lol. Who will pay 700$ for ps4?



charlesnarles said:

@divinelite I paid $600 for 3, and 4 is way more than 1/6 better. Not that I'd be happy to pay that ransom : )
@RyoHazuki yeah, it's complicated over there, so it's good to see them being cordial and stuff to each other. No "PS4 Wars" please

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