Spare a thought for Japan, which is pretty much the only region not set to get the PlayStation 4 this year. Not content with deploying across the majority of the Western world, Sony has announced that the next generation console will arrive in South Korea on 17th December. Way back in September, the firm confirmed that Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan would also get the console in 2013.

The device will retail for ₩498,000, which equates to around $500. According to a report on Yonhap News, there’ll be a total of 19 titles available at launch, five of which will be localised in Korean. It’s really impressive just how many territories the Japanese giant is deploying in this year – but we hope that it’s able to keep on top of the global demand. If it chooses to promote the platform with Girls' Generation in South Korea, it may already be out of luck.

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