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PlayStation 4 Stock on Its Way to Argos in the UK Soon

Posted by Darren Calvert

Keep your eyes peeled

Following up on the tantalising news that PS4 stock has been trickling into GAME stores today, we reached out to Argos to see what its stock situation looks like.

If you're desperately trying to source a console this side of Christmas, it certainly looks like it's worth keeping your eyes on Argos to see when its next shipment arrives. Maybe a daily phone call to your local branch is the best plan?

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RisefromAshes said:

Sweet. Anyone who hasn't got one can get one in time for Christmas.

Hallelujah! Not for Jesus. For PS4. Dummies. : P



eliotgballade said:

hmm...wouldn't be so sure , all sounds a bit vague to me .
surely if they were expecting stock , they'd roughly know when .
(hope they do get supplies though)

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