Strong speculation suggests that Sony wants to strap you into a new dimension of PlayStation 4 gameplay as early as next year – and Jonathan Blow’s upcoming indie title The Witness could be one of the first titles to take advantage of the unannounced virtual reality headset. Posting on the game’s official blog, the Braid developer uploaded two images tagged ‘vr1.png’ and ‘vr2.png’ showing side-by-side stereoscopic pictures of scenes from the game. This is the way that Oculus Rift renders images in order to create the illusion of depth.

Of course, the title is still coming to the PC, so there’s a sizeable chance that the luminary is hinting at headset compatibility for the popular platform here. However, the open world adventure will release first on the Japanese giant’s next generation console, meaning that there’s a possibility that the colourful excursion could employ the unannounced PS4 peripheral. Sources suggest that the platform holder almost announced its foray into the world of virtual reality earlier this year, but decided to hold it back while it focused on the launch of its latest system.

Given that Sony’s already supposedly got the technology up-and-running with DriveClub, it’s feasible that Blow could have access to an early development kit. However, we’re not sure that the manufacturer would be too keen on the developer teasing the technology, leading us to believe that this is probably related to the PC iteration of the game rather than the PS4. Still, even if that is the case right now, there’s no reason why the functionality couldn’t be patched in when the Japanese giant’s headset inevitably becomes an, er, reality. Exciting times, huh?